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Extension for Magento v2.x

Amazon Integration

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You can find the Amazon Orders that have been imported by M2E Pro following sales on Amazon in Amazon Integration > Sales > Orders.

Click the line with the Amazon Order in the table to view order details and make edits if necessary.

Read more about viewing and editing Amazon order details.

Filters are available to show orders for a specific Amazon Marketplace or Amazon Account only. You can also filter to Show Orders without Magento orders. This is useful to show which Amazon orders need further action from you.

Further filters can be found at the top of the Amazon orders table.


Order status will be updated and Magento orders will be created according to the settings you choose in Account Settings > Orders.

Note: only the Orders placed past the Channel Account creation date are imported in M2E Pro.

Note: Channel Orders created more than 180 days ago are archived. You can get them by your demand to M2E Pro Support.