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Extension for Magento v1.x

Amazon Integration 

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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Under Amazon View Mode, you can review the actual Item quantity and price shown on Amazon, ASIN and SKU, selected fulfillment type and current Item status.

Available Columns of a grid

Product ID - a Magento Product ID from Magento Catalog

Product Title/Product SKU - a Magento Product Title and SKU from Magento Catalog

SKU - an SKU of Amazon Product depends on the SKU Settings you provided for the Listing.

ASIN/ISBN - an ASIN/ISBN assigned to the Product

If the ASIN/ISBN is assigned manually - it will be colored in red

If ASIN/ISBN is assigned automatically - it will be colored in blue

If New ASIN/ISBN Creation is assigned to the Product you will see a message about it

If New ASIN/ISBN is created for that product, you will see a notification under the ASIN/ISBN that you are a creator of this ASIN/ISBN

QTY - available quantity on Amazon according to Magento Product settings and Selling Policy settings

Price - an Item price on Amazon according to Magento Product settings and Selling Policy settings.

For Variational Products, you can observe a Price range from minimum to maximum price

In case Sale Price is currently applied for your Product, you will see it's Value in a Price Column

Status - shows an Item Status on Amazon:

  • Unknown - the Item status is not defined;
  • Not Listed - the Item is not listed yet;
  • Active - the Item is successfully listed on Amazon;
  • Inactive - the Item is stopped on Amazon;
  • Inactive (Blocked) - the Item is incomplete/closed/blocked on Amazon.

When the action is currently running, you can see an appropriate message in the Status column, e.g. " List In Progress".

As Amazon API uses a queue system. This means that all requests sent to Amazon are queued and processed on a “first come, first served bases”. So In Progress status means that your product is placed in Amazon queue and it needs some time to make the appropriate changes to it. Also with Amazon, there will be always a slight delay before M2E Pro confirms successful synchronization.

Also in the Status column for Variational Product you can see the number of Child Product in each Status:

Available Actions

You can use an Actions bulk to run selected action for the Product on Amazon View Mode.


  • List Item(s) - lists selected Items on Amazon or creates new ASIN/ISBN in case this feature is assigned. This option only works with Items that have the status Not Listed.
  • Revise Items(s) - revises selected Items to update them on Amazon. This option only works with items that have the status Active.


Note, if you need to set 0 quantity for the particular Item on the Channel, you should perform the Stop Action instead of Revise. It is because the Revise action could be applied only for Active Products. Considering that Item with ‘0’ quantity is not available for purchase, it cannot be Active on the Channel.

  • Relist Item(s) - relists selected Items. This option only works with items with status 'Inactive' and gives a possibility to make stopped Item Active on Amazon after changes.
  • Stop Item(s) - stops selected Items. These items stay in the M2E Pro Listing but are no longer available on Amazon. Their Quantity on Amazon becomes equal to 0.
  • Stop on Channel/Remove from Listing - stops selected Items on Amazon and removes them from the current Listing;
  • Remove from Channel&Listing - remove selected Items both from Amazon and from current Listing


  • Search Automatically - runs an automatic search of existing ASIN/ISBN for selected Items
  • Assign Settings for New ASIN/ISBN - allows to assign settings for further creation of new ASIN/ISBN for selected Items;
  • Reset Information - allows unassigning ASIN/ISBN or new ASIN/ISBN Creation from Items with Not Listed status.