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Extension for Magento v1.x

Amazon Integration 

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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You have a great opportunity to increase your competitive advantage on Amazon using repricing functionality. Manage your Product data, Channel Sales, etc. via M2E Pro and get the most competitive Product Prices adjusted by Repricing Service at the same time.


Discover all the benefits of M2E Pro Amazon Repricing Service.

But how to avoid the double Price synchronization for M2E Pro Items once they added to the Service? As a solution for all M2E Pro users, the Repricing Tool has been developed.

Using the Repricing Tool, after the Product is added to Repricing Service, M2E Pro stops affecting its Price. So, you can be sure that your Item is updated via the single data source.

How to link M2E Pro Amazon Account to Repricing Service?

To start with, navigate to Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > selected M2E Pro Amazon Account > Repricing Tool tab and press the Link Now button.

Given that Amazon Repricing Service is an independent solution, it requires a valid Customer Profile for further managing of your Amazon Accounts. Therefore, you need to login first. Use your existing Repricing Service credentials if you have earlier registered, or create a new Profile if you are a new Service User.


Each M2E Pro Amazon Account should be separately linked to Amazon Repricing Service Profile.

Next, you have to authorize Repricing Service to access your Amazon account. On the first Wizard step, verify your Merchant ID, Marketplace and provide Amazon MWS Access.


If you have previously added this Amazon Account/Marketplace to Repricing Service directly, the 'Add Amazon Account' step will be skipped.

Going through the Wizard steps you will be able to add the Products you want to be repriced and provide settings for the repricing process.

Once the Wizard is completed, Repricing Service starts managing Prices of the selected Products according to the settings you have provided.

Find detailed information on how to provide repricing settings here.

M2E Pro disables the price update function for these Products to prevent double Price Synchronization. It means that the Partial Revise by Price will be ignored during the automatic Synchronization. In case, the Full Revise (both manual and automatic) or Relist action is executed, you will see a warning saying the Price is not updated.


Sale Price is not compatible with Price management via Repricing Service. It will be automatically disabled within 30 minutes after the discounted Product is added to Repricing Service.


Repricing Service does not affect the Business Pricing due to technical reasons.


Products which were added to Repricing Service and got either Disabled, Inactive (ASIN/Condition duplicate) or Inactive (broken product) status cannot be affected by the Service due to the technical reasons.

The Price of such Items will be updated via M2E Pro again until they become available for the repricing.

More details about Product statuses available within Repricing Service can be found here.

How to add M2E Pro Items to Repricing Service?

You can add more Products to Repricing Service using the appropriate action within Seller Central View Mode of M2E Pro Listing. Select the required Products and submit the Add Items action.

Then provide the Min, Max, Regular Price values, select the Repricing Rule and confirm your settings. The Product will be marked with a special icon in M2E Pro Listing grid.

You can manage the repricing Items via the following actions:

  • Show Details - allows you to check the repricing settings for a product.
  • Edit Item(s) - allows you to adjust the repricing settings for a product.
  • Remove Item(s) - allows you to remove selected products from the Repricing Service.

How to provide the Additional Settings for Product Price updating?

Specify on how you want to update the Regular, Min, Max Prices and disable the repricing feature under the Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Repricing Tool tab.

  • Select the way of the Regular Price updating:

  • Select how the Min Price value should be specified:

For example, when you select the Less than Regular Price by Value option, your Min Price will be calculated as the Regular Price decreased by the value you set. If you set 5 and your Regular price is 17, the Min Price will be calculated as 12.

  • Select how the Max Price value should be updated:

For example, when you select the More than Regular Price by Percent option, your Max Price will be calculated as the Regular Price increased by the percent you set. If you set 50% and your Regular Price is 10, the Max Price will be calculated as 15.

  • Specify in which way you would like to disable dynamic repricing for your Items:

For example:

- When Status is Disabled option means that the dynamic repricing will be automatically stopped for the Product which has Disabled status in Magento.

- From Magento Attribute option means that the dynamic repricing will be automatically stopped if Yes value is specified for the selected Attribute.

If you use the Repricing Tool, you have to consider the next:

  • It can take up to 1 hour to update the min/max/regular price with the changes made to corresponding Magento Attributes.
  • M2E Pro Listing grid is updated with the repriced values once a day. So you could notice some difference between price values displayed in M2E Pro and Repricing Service. The most actual data can be found within Repricing Service.
  • Settings provided in Repricing Service have priority over M2E Pro Repricing tool ones. If your min/max/regular price is set to be updated via Magento Attributes but then you change it directly in Repricing Service, your price will be recalculated based on the Service's value.


You can check the Repricing Synchronization logs under the Amazon > Logs > Synchronization:

How to stop repricing?

If you decide to stop using the Repricing Tool for M2E Pro Listings, click Unlink.

Select which action should be applied next:

  • Manage the Product Prices via the Repricing Service after the Account will be unlinked - allows the Repricing Service to control the Prices of your Offers even after the Account is unlinked.


If you select this option, your Product Prices will be managed by both M2E Pro and Repricing Service. This could cause data conflict.

  • Disable Repricing feature for the Products, but do not remove them from the Repricing Service - allows disabling the dynamic Price updating for Products.
  • Remove the Products from the Repricing Service - allows you to physically remove the Products from Amazon Repricing Tool.