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Extension for Magento v1.x

Amazon Integration 

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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SKU Settings


Please select a source of SKU value for your Amazon Items.

  • Product ID - Magento Product ID value will be sent to Amazon as an Item SKU.

  • Product SKU - Magento Product SKU value will be sent to Amazon as an Item SKU.

  • Magento Attribute - selected Magento Attribute value will be sent to Amazon as an Item SKU.

SKU modification

You can modify SKU of Magento Product when listing it on the Channel. It can be useful, for example,

  • to sell the same Magento Product as MFN and AFN Amazon Item simultaneously;
  • to distinguish Channel sales from Magento Store ones.

Please select a way of SKU modification:

  • Prefix - specified value will be added at the beginning of the initial SKU value.

  • Postfix -specified value will be added at the end of the initial SKU value.

  • Template - a new SKU value will be generated based on the entered pattern. For example, if the initial product SKU is 123 and your modification template is %value%-567, Amazon Item SKU will be 123-567.


SKU is generated during an item submitting and cannot be changed after the item s listed.


If your Magento Product SKU exceeds the Amazon limit of 40 characters, you may enable Generate option. M2E Pro will generate a random SKU value for your Channel Item.


Selling Policy

Select the Selling Policy you want to use for that Listing or press Add New to create new Selling Policy.

Please, read more detailed information about Selling Policy.

Synchronization Policy

Select the Synchronization Policy you want to use for that Listing or press Add New to create new Synchronization Policy.

Read more about the settings of Synchronization Policy.

Condition Settings


Select the Condition of the Item(s) you are going to list on Amazon through this Listing. You can choose from:

  • Recommended Value - a list of recommended values for Item Condition;
  • Magento Attribute - an Attribute which contains an Item Condition value. Please specify Magento Attribute value in the following format:
    • New

    • UsedLikeNew

    • UsedVeryGood

    • UsedGood

    • UsedAcceptable

    • CollectibleLikeNew

    • CollectibleVeryGood

    • CollectibleGood

    • CollectibleAcceptable

    • Refurbished

Condition Note

Provide a short Description for Item Condition.

A Condition Note feature is not available for all 'New' Products listed on the Channel according to Amazon requirements. Therefore, M2E Pro will not send the Condition Note records specified for the New Products.

Listing Photos

On Amazon you can sell Items with different Conditions - New, Used, Refurbished, Collectible, etc. If your Item is Used or Collectible you are able to add additional photos to the Item description.

In M2E Pro you can also add Listing Photos for Used and Collectible Items, you are going to List on Amazon, during Listing creation.

You have a possibility to select a source for the Main Image as a Product Base Image or as a value from according Magento Attribute.

After that, you can download Up to 5 Photos for your Item or to use an appropriate Magento Attribute as a source for Additional Images.

Listing Photos are available to buyers on a particular Offer Listing Page on Amazon.

Also, these Photos can be automatically revised if Images option is set Yes in Revise Rules of a Synchronization Policy, that is used for this Listing.

Note: If Product Condition is different from Used or Collectible (even if Condition value is taken from selected Magento Attribute) Listing Photos option will not be used.

Gift Settings

You can specify settings for Gift Wrap and Gift Message.

These options influence just on Item offer level.

If you want it to be applied to your Items, you should make sure that these options are enabled in Global Account Settings in Seller Central.

Additional Settings

Production Time

Specify settings for time, you need to prepare your Items to be shipped.

It can be provided as:

  • Recommended Value - from 1 day to 30 days value can be selected;
  • Magento Attribute - a value from selected Magento Attribute can be selected.

Restock Date

Specify the date you will be able to ship any back-ordered Items to a Customer.

You can select its value as:

  • Custom Value - specify a value manually;
  • Magento Attribute - choose an Attribute that contains valid data.