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eBay Order Details (located: Sales -> Orders -> View Order page)

To View eBay Order Details go to eBay -> Sales -> eBay Orders and click on appropriate eBay order record in the grid or choose View in the Action dropdown of appropriate line.

View Orders Details page will be open.

You can manage your Order from this page:

  • Use Create Order button to create Magento Order manually.
  • Use Mark as Paid and Mark as Shipped buttons for this in the top right corner.

    eBay Order status will be updated to Paid or Shipped accordingly.

    Magento Order status changes, Invoice and Shipment creation occur After the next Synchronization, according to eBay Account settings (eBay -> Configuration -> eBay Accounts -> Orders).

  • Use Reserve QTY and Cancel QTY Reserve to manage qty reservation.

See also video tutorial.