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Extension for Magento v1.x

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M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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eBay requires including Product Identifiers for Items with New, Manufacturer/Seller Refurbished conditions listed in certain eBay Categories. Please read more information here.

Product Identifiers include:

  • Brand;
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN);
  • Global Trade Item Numbers (UPC, EAN or ISBN codes)

Beginning in Spring 2018, a new product-based search is launched on US, UK, AU, and CA [English] eBay sites to make the buyers' experience more consistent. All merchants can associate their Items with eBay catalog using eBay Product ID (ePID) that increases item visibility.

Why does eBay require Product Identifiers to be included for some items?

Search engines on eBay or other external sites like Bing and Google use thousands of algorithms to help identify and display relevant product matches during online search sessions. Product Identifiers help those search engines capture eBay sellers' merchandise and display it in relevant searches.

What are the benefits of including Product Identifiers?

Product Identifiers help buyers find your Item easier and faster both on eBay and in search engines. Items that include Brand, MPN, GTIN, ePID have better visibility in eBay search results and navigation. Therefore, including Product IDs to your eBay Items allows you to benefit from:

  • Compliance with eBay product-based shopping experience.
  • Increased visibility in eBay deals, bargains, and other promotions.
  • Complete Item information and Item Specifics, which are included automatically when your Item is matched to a product in the eBay catalog.
  • More accurate pricing guidance to make your Items more competitive.

Please, consult eBay Seller Center article to learn more details.


M2E Pro Team always do it best to stay compliant with the Channel enhancements. Using M2E Pro, you can send a full set of eBay Catalog Identifiers both for the Single and Variational Items on eBay.

What aspects should be considered?

  • eBay Category;
  • eBay Item Specifics;
  • eBay Catalog Identifiers.

Depending on eBay Category, the Product Identifiers may be required, not applicable or optional. If selected Category requires Product Identifier, you will see the following notification on the 'Item Specifics' step.

If Product Identifiers are provided for the restricted Categories, M2E Pro will not submit them to the Channel to prevent eBay errors. The related records will be added to the Logs:

Brand and Manufacturer Part Number may be required Specifics in some eBay Categories.


To have actual eBay Category data, synchronize eBay sites once any changes are announced by eBay. Use Update All Now button under the eBay > Configuration > eBay Sites.

In Description Policy, you can specify GTIN, ePID, Brand, and MPN values should be sent for the Simple, Configurable and Grouped Products.

In Manage Variation pop-up, you can provide eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your Bundle, Downloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products. You will find 'Manage Variations' link in M2E Pro Listing next to a Multi-Variation Product.


The logic of eBay Catalog Identifier submitting:

- the Brand value is taken from Magento Parent Product and applied to the whole Item including its variations.

- GTIN and MPN values for each variation of your Configurable and Grouped Products can be provided in two ways. If they are set in Description Policy, the relevant values will be taken from Magento Child Products. eBay Catalog Identifiers provided for Configurable and Grouped Products via Manage Variation pop-up will have a priority over the settings made in Description Policy.

-  eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your BundleDownloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products can be provided only via Manage Variation pop-up. You will find Manage Variations link in the eBay View Mode of M2E Pro Listing next to a Multi-Variation Product. 

- 'Does not apply' and 'Unbranded' values can be set for all Variational Products only via Description Policy.


eBay enforces their rules of using product identifiers and expands the list of categories where product ids are required.

If you have listed an Item to eBay without product identifiers, but later they become required for that category, you may face the following warning:

To resolve the issue, please provide the valid Product ID for the Item, then apply a manual Revise action in the eBay View Mode of M2E Pro Listing.