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Extension for Magento v2.x

Release Notes

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Important note

Start the migration only after you successfully install both M2E Pro v6.5.6 on Magento v1.x and M2E Pro v1.4.2 on Magento v2.x. Once you confirm the migration running, your Module on Magento v1.x will be put under maintenance and the process cannot be rolled back.

Before you start, please read carefully our Migration Guide.

Please check this article to learn which M2E Pro data will be preserved during the migration.

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law adopted by the European Commission to strengthen and unify data protection standards. It introduces the legal basis for collecting, processing, storing, and transferring personal information of EU citizens within and outside the European Union. The GDPR goes into force starting May 25, 2018, and requires all organizations which handle the individual data of European residents to comply with its requirements.

M2E Pro always works toward users' success, efficiency, and safety. Acting based on mutual confidence and support, M2E Pro provides customers with robust measures to maintain their personal data security.

We have completed the readiness audit of all M2E Pro services and features related to the personal data security and validated them in accordance with the GDPR. M2E Pro Team is pleased to confirm that all available M2E Pro Products and Services comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions sections for more information about protection, confidentiality, and integrity of your personal data.

Below you can find some of the points that our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions address.

  • Data collection and processing. We collect data for authorized purposes during the obtaining of M2E Pro license(s). Some additional data can be collected for research purpose or in order to improve M2E Pro Services. No extra information, that does not directly relate to the interaction with M2E Pro Services, will be collected.
  • Data storing. We have implemented the required technical and organizational measures to guarantee your personal data security while we hold it. Your personal information will be automatically deleted once it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Data transferring. None of the data collected will be made public or shared with 3rd parties.
  • Users' control over their personal data. You have full control over your data. If you need to access, correct or delete your personal details, use the privacy-related settings at https://clients.m2epro.com or contact M2E Pro Support Team. In accordance with a user’s right to be forgotten, you are able to withdraw consent for data processing at any time.

M2E Pro is committed to protecting your privacy and upholding trusted partnership with you.

M2E Pro Extension has become available on Magento Marketplace

Magento official extension store is built to provide all Magento merchants with a better selling experience. Only those modules which have been carefully selected via Extension Quality Program are released on the Marketplace.

There is great news for all Users of Magento M2E Pro integration solution. Starting from v1.3.2, M2E Pro is available on Magento Marketplace. The Extension has successfully passed a rigorous selection process including the business, technical, and marketing review.

M2E Pro is fully compatible with Magento v2.0 and higher to provide numerous merchants who are selling via Magento platform with the high-level service.

Using Magento Marketplace tools, the Extension installation/upgrade executed automatically and does not require any technical knowledge for that. The detailed instructions on how to install/upgrade your M2E Pro Instance can be found here.

All future Module releases will be listed on Magento Marketplace so that you can easily get the most up-to-date M2E Pro functionality.

Important note

If your M2E Pro was not initially installed via Magento Marketplace but you would like to upgrade the Module on Magento Marketplace website now, please follow this instruction first.

Support for Walmart Marketplace

M2E Pro supports Walmart integration - the No. 3 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500 and one of the most popular retail websites in the United States. As of January 2019, Walmart.com had 304 million visits.

If you are already familiar with the Module, it will be easy for you to master a new integration. M2E Pro Team maintains the same logic in the development of eBay, Amazon and Walmart integrations: interface, basic functions, and processes are similar across all Channels. You get a full-featured solution to transfer your Magento inventory to Walmart. Please learn a User Guide or consult the Support Team at support@m2epro.com to master Walmart integration.

Common Changes


Support for Magento Multi Source Inventory (Magento v2.3.x)

The Extension fully supports Magento v2.3.x functionality. Our Development Team has provided the relevant improvements to make M2E Pro and major Magento update - Multi Source Inventory (MSI) - compatible. The Module tracks and logs all the events that may cause quantity changes in your multi-source Magento, then automatically submit the changes to the Channels. Please read this article to learn how M2E Pro works if Magento Multi Source Inventory is configured.

With M2E Pro you can link your multiple warehouses to the leading e-commerce Channels, like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Plug-in for Magmi Tool is now available

M2E Pro plug-in allows catching product updates made via the Magmi Import Tool. Please see the article for more details.

Ability to use non-standard Magento Product Types [for developers]

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x allows managing non-standard Magento Product types which were created by developers or some external tools.


To enable this feature in your Module, please contact our Support Team at support@m2epro.com.

Support for Magento Downloadable Product

M2E Pro supports Magento Downloadable Product so that you can sell digital goods (i.e. music or video files, eBooks, downloadable software, etc.). So, now customers are able to purchase your digital virtual goods just like physical items.

If your virtual product consists of several parts, you can choose to sell it as a single item or make each link/file to be purchased separately. Enable the 'Links can be purchased separately' option in your Magento Product to sell it as a Variational one. In this case, you can charge the additional cost for each link/file included.

Within M2E Pro Listing grid, the Product Price will be shown as a price range.

Once the Item is listed on the Channel, each Product variation can be purchased at its individual price.

Filtering products by their types

Using the Advanced Filter in M2E Pro Listing, you can filter out the Listing Products by their Magento Product type.


Improvements in displaying Listing Logs & Events

You can select whether the Listing Logs & Events records should be displayed in Separated or Group View Mode. For example, in the latter case, the records will be grouped by the applied action.

Additionally, you may filter out the records by various options.


Increased performance of 3rd Party Listing grids

We are proud that more and more merchants entrust the management of their big-sized inventories to M2E Pro. When a Listing contains a high number of Items, the grid performance comes to the fore.

The loading speed of 3rd Party Listing grids has been increased up to 100 times in the latest Module versions. It guarantees fast and reliable downloading of your existing Channel inventory to M2E Pro.


Ignore Channel Orders that were created before M2E Pro Account creation date

Only the Orders placed past the Channel Account creation date will be imported into M2E Pro. Therefore, Magento Orders are created only for the actual Channel Sales.

A new protection mechanism for preventing Magento Orders duplicates

Given that Magento is a multi-module system, users can install a great number of external plugins and configure all kinds of relations between the modules installed. However, such programmatic alterations of the environment, therefore, affect default Magento behavior. In some cases, it could cause double Orders created in Magento for the same Channel Sales imported through M2E Pro.

After the problem is recognized and investigated, the appropriate measures have taken to prevent it from happening in again.

Channel Orders created more than 180 days ago are being archived now

The Channel Orders created more than 180 days ago are being archived now, that allows reducing the time for the grid opening and Order processing.


The archived Orders are not available within Extension interface. However, you can get them by your demand to M2E Pro Support at support@m2epro.com.

Filtering Orders Logs & Events

To narrow your search results, apply the various filter options to your orders. For example, filter out the orders by certain Account or/and Marketplace:

Define time frames to find relevant records:

Automatic retries to create a Magento Order 

Using external modules may have an impact on Magento. For example, it can affect the process of Magento Order creation: the improper Mail Service configurations will prevent a successful creation of a Magento order.

In the new version, M2E Pro initiates an automatic retry to create a Magento Order if the initial attempt failed. It is very likely that the Order will be created during the following automatic retries.

If several successive attempts fail, M2E Pro stops repeating the action. The detailed information about retries made can be found under the Sales > Logs & Events


The mechanism of automatic retries does not cause double Orders created in Magento for the same Channel Sales imported through M2E Pro.


M2E Pro may try to create Magento Order again if corresponding Channel Order is updated with some changes.


Credit Memo can be created directly from Magento Invoice now

Navigate to eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Sales > Orders, open the required Magento Order details. An additional button for Credit Memo creation you can find on the relevant Invoice page. It increases the interface usability and makes the issuing Credit Memo easier.

Zero-priced Items are included in Magento Order now

Previously, if Channel Sale contained a zero-priced Item, i.e. purchased at the discounted price, this Item was excluded from Magento Order.

In the latest Module versions, zero-priced Items, e.g. purchased at the discounted price, are included in Magento Order.

Keeping Product Quantity reserved until a Magento Order is created

M2E Pro has been improved to keep the Item Quantity reserved if Magento Order creation fails. It allows sellers to guarantee the supply availability, especially for Products of high consumer demand or during the peak season.


The Item Quantity will remain reserved during the term specified in your Account configuration and will be canceled after the reservation term expires or released prior to creating Magento Order.

Please be advised that M2E Pro reserves the Item quantity only if both Manage Stock and Decrease Stock When Order is Placed options are enabled in your Magento: Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory.

Updating Magento Customer details based on the Channel information during Magento Order creation

If during Magento Order creation Buyer email address coincides with the related Magento data, M2E Pro associates this Order with an existing Magento Customer. In addition to an email address, M2E Pro verifies billing and shipping addresses, region id, etc. Magento Customer details will be updated appropriately if received Channel information mismatch existing Magento data. Customer's Middle Name/Initial will be also recorded to Magento if imported. This allows keeping your Customer information accurate.

Synchronization Policy

Product background Synchronization has become much more stable

Execution of synchronization processes has been totally reworked. A number of specific solutions allow achieving the next results:

  • Module Synchronization with eBay and Amazon Channels has been accelerated.
  • eBay and Amazon Synchronizations have become isolated from each other.
  • eBay Synchronization works based on the Intelligent algorithm. In case a large number of scheduled tasks, they are processed in batches. It allows updating the Products via the Module much faster.
  • Order Synchronization works independently from any other performed processes, which guarantees its constant and stable work.

The improvements let increase the system performance significantly.

Protection from concurrent synchronization processes

When a Module synchronizes the data, no processes should be run in parallel. That is why M2E Pro has started to use the mechanism of Locks for the synchronization process. Now it is based on the Exclusive MySQL locks. This protection prevents any other concurrent transactions from modifying the same data. In practice, this mechanism also prevents the creation of Magento Order duplicates.


Displaying technical information about your Module installation

Under eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Help Center > Health Status > Dashboard > Developers Area, you will find detailed information about your Module configurations. For example, you can review M2E Pro and Magento versions that you are currently using, server and Cron configurations, synchronization logs, etc.


Configuring global settings

Under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Configuration > Settings, you can provide settings for the interaction between M2E Pro and Channels, enable automatic inventory synchronization, define your interface and log clearing preferences, set up a license for the Module, etc. Please read more here.

Monitoring the Module state via Health Status Tool

M2E Pro users can now diagnose their module performance using a specially developed Health Status Tool. The Tool is predefined to start automatically and run every hour. It monitors certain processes taking place in M2E Pro. For example, the tool will check if GMT time on a Web Server is correct if there are any errors during the Order Synchronization, etc. The main goal of the Tool is identifying possible system failures and alerting you about them. Keeping the system under such an observation should let you not only resolve the current problems more efficiently but also avoid the potential ones.

Navigate to Channel Integration > Help Center > Health Status. Under a Dashboard section which leads to the Developers Area, you will find a Notification Settings section. Here you can customize the Notification Settings to suit your needs.

Automatic Price Currency Conversion for Magento Attribute with Price input type

If you are listing a Product on the Marketplaces with different Base Currency and the Product Price, Shipping Cost or Shipping Surcharge (for eBay only) value is set to be taken from Magento Attribute with Price input type, you can enable the Convert Magento Price Attribute option.

M2E Pro automatically provides currency conversion based on your Magento Currency Settings for the next values: 

eBay Integration

Selling Policy

  • Price

  • Strike-Through Price

  • Minimum Advertised Price

Shipping Policy

  • Cost

  • Additional Cost

  • Surcharge (for Flat type of Domestic Shipping provided by FedEx and UPS Services)

Amazon Integration

Selling Policy

  • Price

  • Sale Price

  • Minimum Advertised Price

Description Policy

  • MSRP / RRP
Walmart Integration
Selling Policy
  • Price
  • Minimum Advertised Price
  • Promotion Price
  • Comparison Price
  • Shipping Cost (Overrides)
Description Policy
  • MSRP / RRP

Ability to discard all previously remembered choices made by a user

You can discard Remember my choice settings, e.g. All Products Same Category option at Set eBay Category step. To do it, navigate to Channel Integration > Configuration > Settings > Interface and press Restore all Helps & Remembered choices. It will restore the default state of parameters: the help blocks will be shown in the interface again while the previously remembered choices will be discarded.


After you press Restore all Helps & Remembered choices, all Remember my choice settings will be discarded.


Technical support for Magento Commerce and Open Source versions lower than 2.1.0 is no longer provided

M2E Pro Extension can be used with all Magento versions from 2.x onwards. Based on our users' experience, most of the sellers keep their Magento instances updated to the latest versions. Magento versions lower than 2.1.0 are now considered outdated and not recommended to use.

Taking into account the points above, the maintaining of Module compatibility with old Magento versions is unreasonable. M2E Pro Team stops the official support for Magento Commerce and Open Source versions lower than 2.1.0 to enhance the technical servicing of Magento up-to-date versions.


It doesn't mean that Extension stops working with the mentioned Magento versions. It just means that M2E Pro stops technical consulting on possible issues related to these Magento versions.

Many improvements and fixes for Module compatibility with Magento v2.1.x and above

A number of important improvements and fixes has been made to maintain the Module compatibility with Magento 2.1.x and 2.2.x versions and guarantee stable and safe integration.

References to M2E Pro information resources from your Magento

You can easily get to the relevant M2E Pro guideline from the Help Center menu. If you still have questions, use the Contact Us form.

Major changes in M2E Pro menu

The navigation menu has been improved to suit Magento v2.x standards. You will find the separate tabs for each integration that you have enabled under Stores > Configuration > Multi Channels. For example, under Walmart Integration tab, you can set up and manage Accounts, M2E Pro Listings, Policies, handle your Channel sales, check logs, etc.

Logs & Events are divided into several sections

You can check the relevant logs recorded for your Listings and Products under Listings > Logs & Events, and for Channel Sales under Sales > Logs & Events.

The Synchronization Logs can be found under the Help Center > Health Status > Dashboard > Developers Area.

eBay Integration


Compliance with eBay Product-based Shopping Experience

Beginning in Spring 2018, a product-based search is launched to improve customers' shopping experience. According to the new shopping experience, you need to provide valid Product ID, e.g. eBay Product ID (ePID), GTIN (UPC, ISBN, EAN) and Item Specifics.

With M2E Pro, you can send a full set of Product Identifiers and Item Specifics both for the Single and Variational Items on eBay. Please read here on how to complete an Item Specifics.

In Description Policy, you can specify what GTIN, ePID, Brand, and MPN values should be sent for the Simple, Configurable and Grouped Products.

In Manage Variation pop-up, you can provide eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your Bundle, Downloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products. You will find Manage Variations link in M2E Pro Listing next to a Multi-Variation Product.

Ability to use Parts Compatibility feature (kTypes,ePIDs)

M2E Pro gives you an ability to provide two types of Parts Compatibility depending on eBay site:

  • ePIDs of compatible vehicles are available for eBay Motors, United Kingdom, Germany;

  • k-Types of compatible vehicles are available for the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia.

Please read more details here.

Ignoring spaces in Variation attribute values

Due to the strict requirements for the Variational Product data, eBay may block the Item from being updated on the Channel if there is spare space at the beginning or/and at the end of a Variation attribute value. The resolving of this issue takes considerable time from sellers, prevents the item from being sold, therefore, can negatively affect the sale revenues.

M2E Pro Team has developed a specific mechanism which helps to avoid the mentioned situation and greatly enhances the seller experience.

Improvements in the Fee Estimation feature

For an Item with Not Listed status, the fee estimation option is available as a link in the eBay Item ID column of Listing grid.

For the listed Items, the actual fee amount is shown in the grid under the eBay Item ID.

Integration with Terapeak service was removed

M2E Pro has supported the integration with Terapeak Service since 1.0.0 Module version. You have been able to use Terapeak Title Builder Tool for the optimizing your Item Titles, finding most attractive keywords or best categories to list within on eBay, etc. by clicking on the 'optimize' link next to the Item Title in the Listing grid.

Recently, Terapeak Service has stopped to support the mentioned functionality. Therefore, the Terapeak Tool has no longer be available in M2E Pro.


Ability to include the Waste Recycling Fee to eBay and Magento Order details

M2E Pro has added an ability to receive the Waste Recycling Fee from the Channel. In eBay Order details > Order Totals, a separate line indicating the total value of charged Waste Recycling Fee from all ordered Items is displayed:

The fee value is also transferred to Magento Order details:


To display the Waste Recycling Fee in Magento Order details, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings section and enable the Display Full Tax Summary option. The detailed information about the Taxes applied will become available in the Magento Order.

Ability to receive Cash On Delivery Cost and display it on the Channel Order page

M2E Pro receives the Cash on Delivery Cost while importing the Channel Order. The COD cost value which has been applied to an order can be found on the eBay Order Details page in your M2E Pro.

eBay User ID is shown on Magento Order and Magento Customer pages

An eBay User ID has become available within the Account Information section of corresponding Magento Order. Additionally, you can review this data on Magento Customer page.

Notification about Channel changes in the number of ordered Items after Magento Order is already created

When the 'Immediately' option is enabled in the Order Creation Rules, Magento Order will be created right after eBay Order is imported to M2E Pro. It means that any changes made to the Channel Order after checkout is completed will not be reflected in Magento Order as it is already created.

In the latest versions, M2E Pro provides users with additional notification on this matter. If the Order details are changed on eBay after Magento Order creation, you will see the log message saying which particular updates have been made. This allows you to stay informed of all Channel Order updates.

Description Policy

Using secure content in the Custom Description

M2E Pro supports an ability to send a secure content in the Item Custom Description. It let you comply with the eBay content standards.

Under the eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings > Main > Images Uploading, enable the Use Secure Image URLs in Item Description option to comply with eBay requirements.


Prior to enabling the Use Secure Image URLs in Item Description option, ensure that your Magento has a correctly configured SSL certificate.


It is strongly recommended to ensure that M2E Pro Items are revised appropriately. It will make the full Item description available for your Buyers without the need to click See full item description button.

Ability to open Custom Gallery Images in a new browser tab is no longer available

eBay has announced the Policy Updates aimed to enhance the shopping experience for buyers. An updated Links Policy prohibits the links that take customers off-eBay.

Following eBay restriction, an ability to open Gallery Images in a new browser tab has been removed and is no longer available for the Custom Description configuring. If some of your Items have been already listed with this option enabled, they will be updated appropriately during the next automatic Revise.

Selling Policy

Some major changes for Donation feature logic

Donation feature is now constantly available in Selling Policy settings. It allows specifying one Charity Organization per Marketplace. After you assign this Policy to M2E Pro Listing created per certain eBay site, the relevant settings will be applied.

Shipping Policy

Some major improvements in In-Store Pickup feature

The In-Store Pickup functionality has been improved and adapted to the Magento v2.x environment. Please find the detailed instruction to set up the feature.


M2E Pro Simple Mode is no longer available

Interface and functionality of M2E Pro for Magento v2.x have been greatly improved. It allows handling all the processes easily. Due to this, the Simple Mode feature was removed.

Amazon Integration


Integration with Amazon Business Program for the US, UK, DE marketplaces

Amazon Business functionality has become available for M2E Pro users on Magento v2.x. Amazon Business program for the US and the UK, DE marketplaces allows all participators to benefit from specific features designed to suit the business needs the best:

  • ability to reach Amazon Business Customers,

  • increased visibility of your Business Offers,

  • Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts,

  • VAT-exclusive Price displaying,

  • automatic VAT invoicing,

  • etc.

Provide the settings for Amazon B2B functionality within your M2E Pro to take all the advantages of B2B sales.

Your Business Account must be approved by Amazon.

Support for Australia and Mexico marketplace

M2E Pro Team works towards your business increase and profitability. The Module provides support for Amazon Australia and Mexico marketplaces. You can enable marketplaces under Amazon Integration > Marketplaces.


Condition Note feature is disabled for New Amazon Products

According to Amazon requirements, M2E Pro no longer sends the Condition Note records specified for the new products. The changes affect the not listed products as well as already listed ones. It allows preventing the errors/warnings from Amazon API. Yet, you are still able to use the Condition Notes for all other products conditions, specifying them in the Selling Setting of M2E Pro Listing.


Policy templates assigned to the Listing Items can be filtered and sorted out now

You can filter and sort out the Policy templates assigned to the Items in M2E Pro Listing grids. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Listings > M2E Pro, switch to the Settings View Mode. Click the related grid header to sort out the Policies alphabetically or filter the records by typing the relevant text.


Displaying Channel Gift Message(s) as a comment on Magento Order page

The Gift Messages left for the Channel Order will be imported and displayed in the Magento Order.

Ability to retry an automatic order synchronization to Amazon up to 3 times in case fails

M2E Pro functionality allows retrying the automatic order synchronization to Amazon up to 3 times in case fails. It improves the overall synchronization performance in terms of order status update.

The log record about the impossibility to make Order Refund will be added if Credit Memo is created without Items

Amazon has strict requirements for the order refunding. To be processed through Amazon API, the refund request must be applied to certain Items in the order. Otherwise, the error is returned by Amazon.

If Magento Credit Memo does not include the Line Item to refund for some reasons, you will see the log message saying that the refund without items cannot be processed.

Editable Recipient Name information in Order Shipping Address

You get an ability to edit the Recipient Name in Order Shipping Address. Now you can provide the targeted delivery if the Buyer wishes to send the Item to a different person. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Sales > Orders > Amazon Order details, click Edit under the Buyer Information and fill in the Recipient Name field:

Description Policy

Providing of MSRP / RRP in an Item description

You can submit the MSRP/RRP to the Channel with the Product Description. To specify the value, navigate to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Policies > Description Policy > Definition > General:


MSRP/RRP is not a price the buyers will pay for your Item. Your retail price should be set within Price Quantity and Format Policy.


Changes made to Magento Attribute values used for Restock Date and Production Time options are tracked now

If the Quantity option in Partial Revise Rules is enabled, M2E Pro automatically revises the Item Quantity, Production Time and Restock Date on Amazon when there are changes made in Magento to at least one mentioned parameter.

Shipping Policy

Ability to set a Shipping Template name from Magento Attribute

You can specify Amazon Template name manually or select Magento Attribute which contains an appropriate Amazon Template name.

If you enable the Details option in Partial Revise Rules, M2E Pro will automatically update the Shipping settings based on the changes made to the selected Magento Attribute.

Repricing Tool

Ability to review Repricing Synchronization logs

The correct Repricing Synchronization is highly important for your Product pricing and competitive edge preserving. M2E Pro provides you with the reliable mechanism of the repriced product updating.

However, if the Synchronization process fails, you are able to timely find out the reasons for that. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Help Center > Health Status > Developers Area > Synchronization Log, filter the record by Repricing Synchronization type and check what has caused the issue to resolve it immediately.

Major improvements in Repricing Synchronization performance

M2E Pro developers have significantly enhanced the mechanism of Repricing Synchronization. Reliable connection and optimized servers load guarantees constant and stable data exchange between M2E Pro and Repricing Service.

Temporarily unavailable features

Below you can find the features that are temporarily unavailable in M2E Pro for Magento v2.x. Their implementation is to follow.


  • Running Auto Add/Remove Rules by changing product Website via Update Attributes action

  • Notification about coming maintenance on M2E servers
  • Adding custom notes to the imported orders
  • Mass creation of Magento Orders

eBay Integration:

  • Categories in Use feature
  • Sell on another Marketplace feature
  • Guaranteed Delivery program
  • International Return Policy
  • Specifying the Lot Size for eBay Item
  • Mapping 3rd Party Listings by eBay Item ID
  • Showing Old Inactive Variations in Manage Variations pop-up
  • Assigning eBay Category prior to adding a Product to M2E Pro Listing

Amazon Integration:

  • Amazon Shipping Service feature
  • Amazon Prime feature
  • B2B feature for France, Spain, and Italy Marketplaces

  • Using Magento Order number as Your Seller Order ID

  • New ASIN/ISBN Creation feature on Amazon Mexico

  • Tax Percent column in Order Items grid

Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Added] For Developers section was added to the menu

  • Common: [Added] Ability to filter Orders Logs & Events by more parameters    

  • Common: [Added] Ability to use View Modes feature for the Listing Logs&Events    

  • Common: [Added] A lot of Filters were added to the Listing Logs&Events section    

  • Common: [Added] Ability to use non-standard Magento Product Types [for developers]    

  • Common: [Added] Ability to find other M2E Pro resources (documentation, community forum, etc.) directly from your Magento

  • Common: [Added] Ability to filter Magento Products by Product Type through Advanced Filter

  • Common: [Added] Health Status Tool which can inform you about M2E Pro issues, warnings, etc.

  • Common: [Added] Automatic Price Currency Conversion for Magento Attributes with Price input type

  • Common: [Added] Support of Magento Downloadable Product

  • Common: [Added] Compatibility with Magento Marketplace (marketplace.magento.com)

  • Common: [Added] Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Common: [Added] New Cron Task which will try to create a Magento Order again after some time if initial creation was failed

  • Common: [Added] Ability to make M2e Pro compatible with the multi-stock QTY management

  • Common: [Added] Ability to create Credit Memo in Magento Invoice

  • Common: [Added] Implement Multi-Source Inventory compatibility

  • Common: [Added] Ability to observe products who added from CSV file import

  • Common: [Improved] Some major changes made to M2E Pro menu    

  • Common: [Improved] Significant changes in the Global Settings section    

  • Common: [Improved] Many significant improvements of the Configuration > Settings tab    

  • Common: [Improved] Logs & Events sections are divided between the corresponding Sections of the Menu

  • Common: [Improved] Much more stability of Products background Synchronization

  • Common: [Improved] Increased stability of locking mechanism for prevention parallel Cron running

  • Common: [Improved] Some sort of new protection to prevent Magento Orders to be duplicated

  • Common: [Improved] Ignore channel orders that were created earlier than M2E Pro Account

  • Common: [Improved] Channel Orders will be archived if they were created more than 180 days ago (in order to speed up the Order grid)

  • Common: [Improved] Clearing all remembered choices made by user additionally to help blocks state

  • Common: [Improved] The Price calculation for Bundle Variations is performed by the same logic when using both a Special Price and a Special Price Magento Attribute

  • Common: [Improved] Magento Order can be created even if Channel Order Item has zero price

  • Common: [Improved] Reserve the Order quantity if Magento Order creation was failed

  • Common: [Improved] Update Billing/Shipping addresses to a Magento Customer (during order creation)

  • Common: [Improved] Significant improvements in the performance of 3rd Party Listings grids

  • Common: [Improved] Send Magento location (cloud/personal) in Statistic data

  • Common: [Improved] Implement usage of \Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\Data\StockItemInterface instead of \Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\Stock\Item

  • Common: [Improved] Magento options finder does not work correctly

  • Common: [Improved] Duplicate Filters are shown in grids

  • Common: [Improved] Adding store id to redirect URLs to Magento Product

  • Common: [Improved] Add Validation message when the same Attributes are selected on Manage Variation pop-up

  • Common: [Removed] Ability to switch between M2E Pro Listings using an arrow next to the Listing Title

  • Common: [Removed] Action "Remove from Listing" from Listing grid

  • Common: [Removed] Support Magento Commerce and Open Source versions lower than 2.1.0

  • Common: [Downgraded] Added compatibility of "Auto Add/Remove Rules" for website changes in Magento "Update attributes" mass action

  • Common: [Downgraded] Notification about coming maintenance on M2E servers

  • Common: [Downgraded] Ability add notes to Order

  • Common: [Downgraded] Mass action "Create Magento Order" in the order grid

  • eBay: [Added] Ability to use Parts Compatibility Feature (kTypes, ePIDs)

  • eBay: [Added] Ability to receive Waste Recycling Fee from Channel and transfer it to Magento Order

  • eBay: [Added] Ability to receive Cash On Delivery Cost and display it on the Channel Order page

  • eBay: [Added] eBay User ID is shown on Magento Order and Magento Customer pages

  • eBay: [Improved] Some major improvements for In-Store Pickup feature

  • eBay: [Improved] Some major changes for Donation feature logic

  • eBay: [Improved] Improvements of the Fee Estimation feature

  • eBay: [Improved] The updating of Payment and Shipping Order status is performed not in Shipment and Invoice observers (like Amazon Integration)

  • eBay: [Improved] Ability to return Product Image URLs based on a configuration (HTTP/HTTPS)

  • eBay: [Improved] Try to get changes from eBay step by step, increasing the sinceDate, in order to prevent losing changes

  • eBay: [Improved] Ignore spaces for Variation Attributes values

  • eBay: [Improved] Write an additional log message when Order Items count have been modified on the channel (but Magento order is already created)

  • eBay: [Improved] Ability to specify ProductReferenceID for each variation

  • eBay: [Improved] Save online VariationDetails after a successful action to the channel

  • eBay: [Improved] Avoid channel data loss during synchronization when an error occurs

  • eBay: [Removed] Ability to use Schedule settings in the Synchronization Policy

  • eBay: [Removed] Ability to use a Simple Mode feature

  • eBay: [Removed] Integration with Terapeak service

  • eBay: [Removed] Ability to use USD currency for Canada Site (eBay does not support it)

  • eBay: [Removed] Ability to open a gallery image in a new browser tab (custom description)

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Ability to use a Categories in Use feature

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Sell in another Marketplace function for eBay Integration

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Ability to use Guarantee Delivery feature

  • eBay: [Downgraded]  Ability to use the Lot Size feature

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Ability to use eBay Item Id for mapping 3rd Party Listings

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Ability to view deleted variations on eBay Variations Popup

  • eBay: [Downgraded] Ability to specify Category during moving products from 3rd Party Listings

  • Amazon: [Added] Integration with Amazon B2B (Business Price, Quantity Discounts, VAT Calculation Service)

  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to select "Template Name" from Magento Attribute in Shipping Policy

  • Amazon: [Added] Support of Australia and Mexico marketplaces

  • Amazon: [Added]Added 'MSRP / RRP' field to Definition tab of Description template

  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to edit the "Recipient Name" field for Shipping Address in Order page

  • Amazon: [Improved] Displaying of the Channel Gift Message(s) as a comment on Magento Order page

  • Amazon: [Improved] Ability to repeat the updating of Channel Order Status up to 3 times on fails

  • Amazon: [Improved] The performance of Order Fulfillment Status update process has been improved

  • Amazon: [Improved] Changes made to Magento Attribute values used for Restock Date and Production Time options are tracked

  • Amazon: [Improved] Sending the Shipping settings is disabled for FBA Products

  • Amazon: [Improved] The log record about the impossibility to make Order Refund will be added if Credit Memo is created without Items (Amazon restriction)

  • Amazon: [Improved] A new way of checking SKU duplicates during the List Action

  • Amazon: [Improved] Condition Note can be filled only if Condition is different than "New"

  • Amazon: [Improved] Significant improvements in the performance of Repricing synchronization

  • Amazon: [Improved] Log errors during repricing actions

  • Amazon: [Improved] Ability to sort and filter Policies in "Assign policy grids" (Product Tax Code, Shipping, Description)

  • Amazon: [Improved] General id matcher improvements

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Ability to apply Amazon's Shipping Service feature

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Ability to apply Amazon Prime feature
  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Ability to set Magento Order ID to Amazon Order as Seller Order ID

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Ability to create a Description template for MX Marketplace

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] B2B feature for France, Spain, and Italy Marketplaces

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Ability to filter Listing Products with changed Details and Images data using Advanced Filter

  • Amazon: [Downgraded] Tax Percent column to Order Items grid

  • Walmart: [Added] Advanced Conditions in Synchronization Policy
  • Walmart: [Improved] Receiving order updates
  • Walmart: [Improved] SKU is not updated on Revise Channel item
  • Walmart: [Improved] Ability to send lag time in the separate feed for the US Marketplace

If you have any questions, please contact the Support Team at support@m2epro.com.