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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Common Changes


Links from M2E Pro Pages to the Documentation

Now you can reach a Documentation with detailed information directly from the Help forms of M2E Pro.

Also the top help icon is leading to Documentation too.

Ability to add Tracking Numbers to Channels

In new version the Tracking Numbers which were created using Magento Models are sent to the Channels.

Ability to Disable email sending for New Customer

In new version of M2E Pro if you select in Account settings to create New Customer for your Order, you can to not select any option for email sending.


Mapping of ordered Items

Once you receive an Order for Item which is not presented in your Magento catalog, you should Map it to existing Magento Product.

Once you map it, the mapping will be saved for all possible variants - like 3rd Party Listing, other Orders, etc.

"Not Listed" instead of "N/A" in a grid

Previously for Not listed Items in a grid for Price, Quantity etc. instead of value it is used to show N/A.

But now you will see a Not Listed instead of N/A for Items that are not listed yet.


"Access Denied" message

Magento has added new security patch which changes the fundamental Magento data. So some sections of M2E Pro were unavailable for Users with non-admin permissions. This issue is fixed for new version and now it is working correctly.

eBay Integration


"Unbranded"/"Does Not Apply" options for eBay Catalog Identifiers

Due to recent eBay changes the Product Identifiers become required. However, some products does not have the according barcode to be added. In such case eBay allows to use "Does not apply" value for UPC/EAN/ISBN/MPN and "Unbranded" value for "Brand". In new version of M2E Pro you can use select them in a drop-down menus of Description Policy:

After you selected a Brand value, the MPN field and options where you can select if you want to use a data from eBay Catalog for your products will become available:

Ability to set Strike Through Price option for Canadian marketplaces

In new version of M2E Pro the Strike Through Price option of Price, Quantity and Format Policy also becomes available for eBay CA.

Ability to control Statuses for each Variations

Starting from M2E Pro version 6.3.4 the ability to manage each Variation of Variational eBay Products become available. So in the Listing the Manage Variation option becomes available.

Once you click on it, you will see a grid with all Associated (Child) Products for this Main (Parent) Product, where you can set up their eBay Catalog Identifiers and observe their current Status on eBay.

Bids list for Auction Items

In the latest version of M2E Pro you can see a link with the number of Bids in a Price column of a grid.

After you click on it you will see a grid where the list of Bids made for your Item.

Also you can see some details for each Bid, such as eBay User ID, eBay User email, Price and the Date of Bids placing.

Ability set Location from Magento Attributes

Using new version of M2E Pro you can select according Magento Attributes for Location settings in Shipping Policy.


Variation Labels of Configurable Products

In previous versions if your Variation Label was the same as one of the Item Specifics, eBay did not recognize the double information and returned an error. So M2E Pro starts to ignore this Item Specifics value to prevent such error. But in that case the Product used to be unavailable for buyers in search results by the Specific. So Sellers rate could be affected.

In new version of M2E Pro this mechanism was improved and now M2E Pro "overwrites" the Magento Attribute to the same value as an Item Specifics Label. So the Product is available in according search results.

Note, this functionality is available only for Configurable Magento Products.

For  example, you set for Item Specific "Color" to use a Magento Attribute "Color D"

You product varies by this Attribute "Color D".

When you List your Product, M2E Pro will remove the duplication information and send "Color" as Item Specifics Label instead of "Color D". This replacement will be statically saved in M2E Pro. And your Product will be available in search results on eBay.

Note, if you change the Attribute Label from "Color D" to "Color D2", the value will not be overwritten under Revise/Relist action. In that case you should Stop your Item and then List it again to make changes be applied.

Ability to access Child Magento Product from Variations pop-up

In new version you can easily change any data of Associated (Child) Magento Products directly from the M2E Pro Listing.

To do that you should click on Manage Variation link in a Listing grid and then click on a particular Variation in Magento Variation column of Manage Variations pop-up.


Duplicating of the Items

The mechanism of preventing the creation of Item Duplicates was improved and some fixes were implemented.

So in new version it is working correctly.

Error message "This call resulted in [number] records, but on ..."

In previous version the situation when the action was running in circles used to happen. Now it is resolved and working properly.

Amazon Integration


More Amazon Categories in Description Policy

The list of available Amazon Categories in Description Policy is expanded in several times.

So now M2E Pro cannot support only at about 1 % from all Amazon Categories.

Ability to select Product Type for Amazon Category

In previous version for each Category only one Product Type could be selected. So the only one combination of Specifics were available. Thus if you tried to find some Specifics which were not presented, there were nothing to do with that.

In new version of M2E Pro you are able to select/change the Product Type you want to use. So you can change the Specific set any time you need.

For example, you are selling the sell phones accessories like charges. So you need a Specific like "Charging Time" but it is not available. You can go to General tab of Description Policy and change the Product Type, so the needed Specific will become available.

The product types are divided by 3 possible states:

  • M2E Pro propose 1 Product Type to be used in this Category, so it is shown automatically. But you can always change it.

  • M2E Pro propose several Product Types to be used in this Category

  • M2E Pro does not propose any Product Type to be used in this Category.

You can also use up to 5 recently used Product Types for current Marketplace.

The List of available Product Types depends on the Marketplace you are using and varies by them.

You can change the Product Type whenever you need, except those cases, when Category cannot be edit.

Please, read more about Categories settings.

Swatch Images for Child Products

In new version of M2E Pro you can set up the Swatch Images option for your Variational Amazon Products to make them be displayed on Amazon.

According settings can be provided in Description Policy on Definition tab

Settings View Mode of Listing grid

Now you can use a Settings View Mode for your Amazon Listing.

The Settings View Mode allows to manage Description Policy assigned to your Product and run some actions.

Ability to Manage Variation Attributes Matching

Starting from the version 6.3.4 M2E Pro can save the match of Variation Attributes/Options you select.

So now when you click on Manage Variations link in a Listing, you will see new tab Advanced in a grid, where you can manage earlier saved Attributes and Option matching.

This tab is always available and there are two blocks of settings:

  • the block of managing for automatic M2E Pro Actions, where you can select if M2E Pro should always ask you/save/not save the Attributes/Options you matched.

Note, the values set up in this block are global. So they will be used for all your Products.

  • the block of managing of saved matches, where you can observe/remove saved matches.
Wizard of Amazon Marketplace Data Synchronization

The Amazon Marketplaces data changed, so it should be resynchronized. Thus after upgrade you should pass through a Wizard to run the synchronization to update marketplaces data due to technical issues.


Correct Support of FBA Items

In previous versions of M2E Pro after the revise of FBA Item it became an MFN Item, so it ruins it's structure.

The latest version has an ability to correctly revise FBA Items. So the quantity, Handling Time and Restock Date data for FBA Items are ignored during revise action. However, the Price, Product Description and other setting can be revised.

List, Relist and Stop Actions are unavailable for FBA Items via M2E Pro. But you can List common Item on Amazon via M2E Pro and mark it as FBA in your Seller Central.

Priority of Variation Themes

For example, in your Magento Product you are using a combination of Variational Attributes Color&Size, but M2E Pro change them in Variation Theme settings to Size&Color. But now M2E Pro analyze how often each combination was selected and will not change it if it should not be done.

Ability to access Child Magento Product from Variations pop-up

In new version you can easily change any data of Associated (Child) Magento Products directly from the M2E Pro Listing.

To do that you should click on Manage Variation Link in a Listing grid and then click on a particular Variation in Magento Variation column of Manage Variations pop-up.


CAD instead of USD for Canada Marketplace

In new version of M2E Pro the correct currency (CAD) is using for the Items of Canada Marketplace.

Rakuten.com Integration


Revise of Item Price and Quantity separately

New version of M2E Pro revise Price and Quantity data for Rakuten.com Items separately.