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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Common Changes


Links from M2E Pro Pages to the Documentation

More links have been added, so it has become much easier to find particular information on a specific part of M2E Pro Extension.


3rd Party Listings Import

In the previous versions, there were instances when the 3rd Party Import tool happened to not work properly. However, this issue has been eliminated in the updated M2E Pro version.

Message about necessity of M2E Pro Update

Unlike the previous version, where the message about the necessity to update your M2E Pro could appear even after a successful upgrade, the current version is working properly.

New Customer Creation for Order in Magento Enterprise Edition

Previously, if  in the Account settings the Customer settings were set to 'Create New', an error would come up during the process of the new customer creation. The error occurred due to the Customer Reward Magento functionality. The problem has been fixed now, and the settings are working in a proper way.

eBay Integration


Ability to add Self-hosted images

With the latest version of M2E Pro you can choose an image upload mode in Sell on eBay > Configuration > General

You can select from 3 available options:

  • Automatic - if you try to upload more than 1 image for an Item or particular Variational Attribute, the EPS-hosted mode will be used automatically. Otherwise, the Self-hosted mode will be used automatically;
  • Self-hosted - all the images are provided as direct links to the images saved in your Magento;
  • EPS-hosted - all the images are uploaded to eBay EPS service.

Understanding the differences in functions of the modes will help you select the most suitable option.

  • In case the Self-hosted mode is selected, the load on the server can be significantly increased. Each time the images are shown to buyers on eBay Item Page, they are uploaded from the server. However, during the List/Relist/Revise actions M2E Pro sends only a link to the image, which makes the process quite fast.
  • When the EPS-hosted mode is used, all the images shown on eBay Item Page are taken directly from eBay, so the Performance of your server is not affected. Yet, this process is rather slow and the time of actions running is increased, as only one image can be uploaded onto eBay at a time. For example, if you are trying to list a Configurable Product which contains 5 variations and each variation has 5 images in it, it could take up to 6 minutes to Revise a single Item. Thus, the update of your inventory can become a very time-consuming process.

Please be very careful selecting an option for the image upload mode to prevent Performance decrease.

  • Automatic mode is created to maintain balance between the server performance and the speed of actions running.

The specified settings play a major role in the process of Item Listing. They are applied when the first image is uploaded and either the Self-hosted mode or EPS-hosted mode is chosen. After the List action is complete, the Items remain connected to one of the modes until they are not Stopped and Relisted on eBay. The mode cannot be changed due to eBay API restrictions.

Amount of pictures for each Variation Attribute

In the latest M2E Pro version you can upload up to 12 images for each Variation. These settings can be specified in Description Policy.

Images may also be selected from a Magento Attribute as long as its value contains an absolute URL.

Note: Text, Multiple Select or Drop-down Attribute types can be used. The Value of the Attribute must contain absolute urls. In Text type Attribute urls must be separated with a comma.
e.g. http://mymagentostore.com/images/baseimage1.jpg, http://mymagentostore.com/images/baseimage2.jpg

Ability to use an International Shipping Rate Table for eBay Canada (French)

The new M2E Pro version has been improved with an option which allows you to specify settings for International Shipping Rate in Shipping Policy for Canada (French) eBay site.

Note: The Shipping Rate Table should be previously created directly on an eBay site so that the provided values could be used by M2E Pro.

Ability to set up the Extended Holiday Returns option for eBay Canada (French)

In the previous versions there was no option to specify settings for Extended Holiday Returns in Return Policy for Canada (French) eBay site.

However, this setting is available in the current version.

Freight Shipping for Canada (French)

Along with that, an option to use a Freight Shipping Type has also been added to Shipping Policy for Canada (French) eBay site in the updated version.


Performance during Schedule rules running

In the new version of M2E Pro the Performance of scheduled List/Relist actions, which are executed based on the Schedule settings in Synchronization Policy, has been improved. Now the actions run up to 100 times faster.

Ability to use HTTPs protocol for Self-Hosted images

Provided that you are using the Self-hosted mode, you can upload images via HTTPS protocol.

Amazon Integration


Ability to override Shipping settings on Offer Level

The current M2E Pro version has been updated with the Shipping Override Policy, which allows you to override shipping settings provided in your Amazon Seller Central.

You can create the policy in Sell on Multi-channels > Configuration > Policies by pressing Add Policy > Shipping Override button.

After you select a Marketplace you want to use the policy for, the Shipping Services will become available.

You will have to provide the Locale data and select an Override Method you would like to use.

There are 3 Override Method options to choose from:

  • Exclusive - is used to fully override the Amazon Settings;
  • Additive - is used to add an M2E Pro settings set to the Amazon Settings;
  • Restrictive - is used to restrict the Amazon Settings.

After the Method has been selected, the Cost mode and value must be specified.

To assign the Shipping Override Policy to a Product in an M2E Pro Listing, the following steps must be taken:

  • open a Listing;
  • switch the Listing to the Settings View Mode;
  • tick as many products products as you wish to assign the policy to and select an Assign option under Shipping Override Policy in Actions bulk at the top of a grid; or, you may also find this option in an Actions column of the grid for each individual Product.

Note: The Settings specified in the Shipping Override Policy are not visible in Amazon Seller Central. They become available only after a Buyer adds an Item with such settings to Cart in the selected Locale.

Besides, the changes made in the Shipping Override Policy can be automatically revised if the relevant Revise Rule is enabled in Synchronization Policy.

Virtual Attributes for Amazon Parent-Child Products

In the earlier versions of the extension, an ASIN/ISBN could not be assigned to a Magento Variational Product if the number of Variation Attributes was different in a Magento Product and Amazon Product.

The updated version of M2E Pro is set to imitate a Virtual Attribute if the number of Variation Attributes of a Magento Product is different from the number of attributes that an Amazon Parent Product has.

There are two possible cases:

  • Magento Product has less Attributes than Amazon Product

For example, your Magento Product varies by Attribute "Color D" but the corresponding Amazon Product contains two Variation Attributes "Color" and "Size".

A fixed value must be assigned to the second Amazon Attribute (in our case it is Size) which, in fact, is not applied to your Magento Product.

This way M2E Pro will virtualize the Attribute and think that your Variational Product is available with Attribute Color D and Attribute Size Medium.

Note: The Variations of Magento Variational Product for the Attribute Color D will be available only in a combination with the fixed option of the Virtual Attribute (in our case it is Size Medium).


It is impossible to change a Virtual Attribute after it has been selected.

Magento Order for such product will contain only the physically available Attribute (in our case it is Color D) of the Magento Product. It means that if a buyer orders the Product with the Virtual Attribute Size Medium and available Attribute Color D Green, the Magento Order will contain data only on the Item with Attribute Color D Green.

  • Magento Product has more Attributes than Amazon Product

For example, your Magento Product varies by Attributes "Color D," "Size D" and "Manufacturer D," while the corresponding Amazon Product contains only two Variation Attributes "Color" and "Size".

A fixed value must be assigned to the Magento Attribute Manufacturer D which the Amazon Product is missing.

M2E Pro will virtualize the missing Attribute and think that your Variational Product is available with Attributes Color D, Size D and Manufacturer D Anashria.

Magento Order for such product will contain all of the physically available Attributes (in our case these are Color D, Size D and Manufacturer D) of your Magento Product, but for those Attributes which were virtualized on Amazon (in our case it is Manufacturer D) only the selected option (Anashria) will be available.

In a Listing grid, a Virtual Attribute (for the case when a Magento Product has less Variation Attributes than an Amazon Parent Product does) is displayed marked with a dotted underline.

Similarly, in the Manage Variations pop-up on the Settings tab, the Virtual Attribute (for the case when the Magento Product has more Variation Attributes than Amazon Parent Product does) is displayed marked with a dotted underline.

If you intend to create a new ASIN/ISBN for the Magento Variational Product, a Variation Theme must be selected. Though, there are cases when an appropriate Variation Theme is not available in a drop-down menu. Unlike the previous versions of M2E Pro, where it didn't let you list a Product on Amazon, the new version allows you to virtualize non-available Variation Attributes and list the Product successfully.

For example, your Magento Product varies by 3 Variation Attributes - Color D, Size D and Manufacturer D. But there is only a Size, Color value in the list of available Variation Themes.

After the Variation Theme is specified, all your Magento Variation Attributes will be displayed in the Variation Attributes block and you will offered to match them with the existing Amazon Attributes.

As for the Attribute Manufacturer D, which is missing on Amazon, its value can be imitated by selecting one of the available options from the Magento Product.

Once the Attribute value is specified, M2E Pro will think that your Magento Variational Product is available only with one Manufacturer - Anashria.

The situation may turn the opposite when the Variation Theme contains more Attributes than the Magento Product does.

For example, your Magento Product varies by 1 Variation Attribute - Color D, but there is a Size, Color value in the list of available Variation Themes.

In order to list the Product on Amazon, one of the Amazon Variation Attributes must be virtualized.

First, you have to match existing Magento Variation Attribute Color D and Amazon Variation Attribute Color.

Next, an appropriate value for Amazon Attribute Size must be entered.

It will make M2E Pro think that the Product is available in one Size Small and with various Color values and allow you to list such Product on Amazon.

Please be careful when providing a value for the Virtual Attribute as it cannot be changed later.

Ability to switch offer Fulfillment (MFN > AFN, AFN > MFN)

The latest version of M2E Pro allows switching an Item from MFN to AFN Fulfillment and vice versa.

M2E Pro can list Products on Amazon and add new offers to Inventory only as an MFN Item. Thus the creation of AFN Items is not available via M2E Pro. However, after the Product has been listed as an MFN Item you can switch it to AFN in M2E Pro. You can use a switcher for an unlimited number of times.

To change the Fulfillment of an Item you should go to the Listing, switch it to the Seller Central View Mode using a switcher at the top of the grid, and select the right option in Actions menu.

Note, the Fulfillment switch function is available only for Simple and Child Products. It is impossible to switch Fulfillment of a Parent Product.

Fulfillment switching can be accomplished only if there are no actions running for this item at the moment. The Status of AFN Items is shown as Unknown as there is no information regarding quantity of the Items fulfilled by Amazon.

Please note, the Fulfillment switching from MFN to AFN allows only switching the state of the product, but does not send any information to the Amazon Fulfillment Center. At the moment of switching the quantity can only be equal to 0, thus the quantity values must be specified in the Seller Central account.

However, the function of sending data to Amazon Fulfillment Center via M2E Pro is expected to be added in future.


Ability to use a QTY Attribute in Selling Format Policy

In the new version of M2E Pro a Magento Attribute QTY can be used for Quantity Settings in Selling Format Policy.


FBA Orders Creation if Manage Stock No option is enabled

In the previous versions of the extension, if in the Account settings the option of Manage Stock for FBA orders was set to No, the Reservation used to reserve the item quantity. It has been fixed with the last update of the extension.

Tax Calculation if Promotion Discount is added

In the latest M2E Pro version, the calculation of Tax percentage in combination with Amazon Promotion Discount has been fixed and is working properly.

Rakuten.com Integration


Ability to use a QTY Attribute in Selling Format Policy

In the current version of M2E Pro, a Magento Attribute QTY can be used for Quantity Settings in Selling Format Policy.