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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Common Changes


Backward compatibility with Magento Security Patch (SUPEE-6788) / Protection of non-default admin URL

New M2E Pro version contains a custom solution which surely solves the problem of being redirected to the log in page.

All issues related to the compatibility with Magento Security Patch (SUPEE-6788) have been fixed.

Values of Magento Attribute with type drop-down or multi-select was retrieved from Default Store View

In 6.3.8 version, the values of Attributes with drop-down or multi-select types were taken from Default Store View, despite the Listing settings.

In the current version, this issue has been fixed and the values are retrieved correctly.

eBay Integration


Many Improvements of Parts Compatibility Management Tool

New M2e Pro version contains a number of improvements for Parts Compatibility Management Tool, mainly an improvement in the overall Performance and multiple fixes.

In the current version this issue is fixed and no known issues related to it was left.

Shipping Services Titles will be displayed correctly if they have the same Labels on eBay

In previous M2E Pro versions, the Titles for different Shipping Services could be displayed under the same Title (for example, Title 'UPS Superpost' could be displayed 4 times for the Services in different countries).

In the version 6.3.9 all Shipping Service Title are displayed correctly.


Fatal error: "Call to a member function getRegionId() on a non-object" for Click and Collect Orders

In the previous extension version, there could be some problems with Magento order creation if the ordered Items used 'Click and Collect' option. Now it is fixed and working correctly.

Amazon Integration


Amazon's Shipping Service Tool

What is 'Amazon's Shipping Services'?

This is a tool that allows you to deliver your purchases fast and with ensured quality. It gives a list of Shipping Services offered by Amazon to guarantee a reliable delivery. This tool offers a variety of shipping benefits, including several shipping options to expedite your shipment.

You can specify the conditions to get the list of most suitable available shipping services.

When is it required to be used?

If you are eligible to use Amazon Prime Shipping for your Amazon Products, you are obliged to ship your purchased items as fast as possible. Thus, it is required to use Amazon's Shipping Services for Amazon Prime Orders to guarantee delivery quality. Other Shipping Services are not available for such orders.

Please note, in the Orders grid you can see the Prime orders marked with the logo

Amazon's Shipping Services tool is available for all Amazon Sellers, regardless of whether you are an approved for Amazon Prime Shipping Seller or not. Thus, the Amazon's Shipping Service Tool can be used for both Prime and not-Prime Amazon Orders. However, for Amazon Prime Orders only Amazon's Shipping Service is available. Other options cannot be used.

How does 'Amazon's Shipping Services' work?

When you receive an Order from Amazon, you can use Amazon's Shipping Services to deliver the purchases within short terms. After you provide all the required conditions, the list of the most optimal services becomes available.

As for Amazon's Shipping Services within M2E Pro, the following steps take place:

  • an Amazon Order is imported to Sales tab;
  • after the order's Status becomes Unshipped, Amazon's Shipping Services tool can be used;
Please note, this Tool cannot be used for the orders with Status Pending and Cancelled.
  • in the Actions column of the order grid, Amazon's Shipping Services option should be chosen for the selected orders;

  • the Amazon Shipping Services pop-up will appear, where you can specify all of the required conditions.

Firstly, you should check the Must Arrive By Date and Declared Value.

Note: the Declared Value by default is calculated as a sum of prices of all ordered Items.

Also, you should enter the Package data and Shipping Origin.

In addition, you should specify the additional settings such as Carrier Will Pickup and Delivery Experience.

Note: the selected values for measure units, Shipping Origins and the Additional Settings will be saved up till the next changes are made.

Based on the provided data, available Amazon Shipping Services will be offered;

Please note, the more accurate information you provide, the more appropriate Shipping Services will be offered by Amazon.

  • after the required conditions are provided, you should click on Continue button to review the list of the Shipping Services offered by Amazon;

If no suitable Shipping Services are found according to the provided configuration settings, you should try to edit the provided the settings, such as e.g. Carrier Will Pick Up and Delivery Experience conditions.

Sometimes a carrier can be temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons. You should try to use the service later.

  • at this step, the most optimal service can be selected;
  • after you confirm your choice, you will be able to review the details of the newly created Shipment.

Once the Amazon's Shipping Services is set up, you can access the Shipment information by entering the order and clicking on Show Details link in Shipping and Handling Information block.

Further, in the Amazon’s Shipping Services pop-up, you will be able to check the Shipment information, such as e.g. Status, Carrier, Package Information, Product Information, Ship to Address, and Shipping Origin.

You can press Cancel button or Refund to annul the Shipment.

Please, note you can repeat the action again after the Shipping Settings are cancelled.

To update the status you should press Refresh button.

Also, you can print offered by Amazon carrier label by pressing Print button.

What are the main benefits of 'Amazon's Shipping Services' ?

  • Easy to set up

The setting-up process does not require any special skills and contains several simple steps.

  • Amazon Prime Orders

This tool allows sellers to provide shipment for Amazon Prime Orders

  • Fast Shipment

Application of Amazon’s Shipping Services ensures that a Buyer will receive the purchased Product within short period of time.

  • Optimal Service

A Shipping Service will be offered, only if it satisfies the required delivery conditions provided by the Seller.

  • Trusted Carrier

Amazon offers only trusted and reliable carriers.

You can find more information on https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_left_v4_sib?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201118070


The error will not occur for not required Specifics if their source is an Attribute

In the previous M2E Pro version, if not required Specifics were added in the Description Policy and their values were set to be taken from Magento Attributes which were missing in Magento Products, errors were returned.

In the current version, this issue has been fixed and no errors occur.