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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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The key changes

Condition Notes for the New Amazon Products are no longer being sent to the Channel, that suits recently announced Amazon requirements. Issues related to the Magento Order creation and Variational Product managing were resolved.

For detailed instruction on how to upgrade M2E Pro Extension please see the following article.

Common Changes


Magento Order was not created if Buyer Email Address was not received from Channel or Buyer Name contained special symbols

Before, when Buyer email address was not received from the Channel API or Buyer Name contained the special symbols, Magento Order could not be created due to incomplete data.

Now, these aspects do not affect the Magento Order creation.

Magento Order was created with an incorrect Tax Rate if the same Buyer bought Items from different marketplaces at once

When the same Buyer bought several products from the different marketplaces at once and the Channel Orders were imported by M2E Pro, the Tax Rate related to one of these Orders could be mistakenly applied to the other ones.

Now Order total amount is calculated considering all the Tax Rates related to purchased Products.

Magento Order was not created if Channel Order Item was unmapped with Magento Product, despite the reserved Product Quantity

Before, when Channel Order Item was manually unmapped with an appropriate Magento Product, Magento Order could not be created despite the Product Quantity was still reserved.

Now the Order Item automatically map to the Magento Product that allows Magento Order to be created.

A Log record about the tracking number sent to the Channel was written twice in some cases

Sometimes the double record about the tracking number sent to the Channel could be written into the Logs.

The records are not duplicated now.

eBay Integration


Custom import of kTypes did not work in some cases

Previously some issues in performing of kType import tool were detected.

Now the custom import of kType database correctly works

Address lines in Magento Order were mistakenly merged in some cases

Sometimes during the Magento Order creation, the address lines were mistakenly merged despite the full address data came from the Channel.

Now imported address data is written correctly within Order fields.

Order Variation Options were not mapped automatically if some Options were added to already listed eBay Item

In case a new variation was added to already listed Configurable Product, the correspondence between your Configurable Magento Attribute and appropriate eBay variation option did not set despite the Revise action applied. So, the Order variation options could not map automatically once this variation is purchased.

Now all Magento variation options, regardless of the time they are added to eBay Item, will be automatically matched to the appropriate Channel options during the Revise action.

Note: If you have been previously experienced with the mentioned issue, after you upgrade to the current M2E Pro version, you should apply the Revise or Stop and List action to appropriate Products in order to set the variation option correspondence.

Amazon Integration


Condition Note feature is disabled for New Amazon Products

In February 2017 Amazon announced that the Condition Note feature is disabled for all new products listed on the Channel. So, all existing Condition Note records were removed from the Offer listing page. It was a forced measure from Amazon side to stop the misuse of Condition Notes by unscrupulous sellers.

Taking into account the Amazon deprecation, M2E Pro will no longer send the Condition Note records specified for the new products. This applies to the Products you are going to list as well to those which have already been listed via the Module. It allows preventing the errors/warnings from Amazon API. Besides, you are still able to use the Condition Notes for all other products conditions, specifying them in the Selling Setting of M2E Pro Listing.


AFN Variational Child Products were ignored during the manual Revise of Parent Product

Before the Variational Child Products fulfilled by Amazon could be ignored during the Revise action manually applied to the Variational Parent Product.

Now the Revise action correctly processes and affects both MFN and AFN variations of Amazon Parent-Child Product.

Technical Changelog

  • Improvement: [Amazon] Condition Note can be filled only if Condition is different than "New"
  • Fix: Magento Order was not created if Buyer Email Address was not received from channel and Buyer Name contains special symbols
  • Fix: Magento Order was created with invalid Tax Rate if the same Buyer bought Items from other marketplaces at one time
  • Fix: "Call to a member function setStockItem() on null" for Orders which had the QTY reserved and then the Product was unmapped manually
  • Fix: Log record about sending tracking number to channel was written twice mistakenly in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Adding custom kTypes did not work in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Address line1 and line2 are being merged in Magento Order even it is not needed
  • Fix: [eBay] Unnecessary log records, about Online Price changes, can happen, if Listed Product becomes not variational in Magento
  • Fix: [eBay] Order Variation Options were not mapped automatically if some Options were added after List the Item action on Channel
  • Fix: [eBay] Automatic revise did not work, if Base Image was changed in Magento in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Category Specifics edit page was crashed in some cases (the limited set of cases)
  • Fix: [Amazon] Unable to revise AFN Variation Child Products by running Revise action for Parent Product
  • Fix: [Amazon] Invalid variations matching for Bundle Product in some cases (the limited set of cases)