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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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The key changes

New M2E Pro release provides you with an ability to use secure content in the Custom Description (upcoming changes to connection security), create Magento Order for zero-priced Items, and include the Company name to Magento Customer information. The Waste Recycling Fee and Cash On Delivery Cost are imported to M2E Pro starting from this version.

The detailed instructions on how to upgrade M2E Pro Extension can be found here.

Common Changes


Ability to import Company name to Magento Customer during the Order creation

Starting from this release, the Company name is imported into M2E Pro.

If you set to Create New Customer during Magento Order creation, the full Buyer's data along with the Company name will be added to Magento Customer information automatically.

To enable New Customer creation, navigate to eBay/Amazon Integration > Accounts > Account Configuration > Orders:


Ability to use secure content in the Custom Description

Recently Google Chrome has announced the planned improvements to connection security. Starting from October 2017 it will show the 'Not secure' message to users when they visit HTTP pages or HTTPS pages which include HTTP content.

To comply with these changes and maintain users' credibility of site content, eBay notified it would use HTTPS protocol for all listings beginning in October 2017. The non-secure content will not be available for the desktop users. Buyer will be required to click on the additional button to see the full Item description if it is not HTTPS-compliant.

How does M2E Pro work with the security protocols?

The previous M2E Pro versions use the non-secure protocol to transfer images/image galleries added to the Custom Description.

Starting from this version, M2E Pro sends the image URLs based on your Magento Store View configurations.

To set your preferences for secure link generating, navigate to System > Configuration > General > Web > Secure > Use Secure URLs in Frontend option. If the 'Use Secure URLs in Frontend' option is enabled, the content is sent using HTTPS.

Note: we strongly recommend you to ensure that M2E Pro Items are revised appropriately. It will make the full Item description available for your Buyers without the need to click on 'See full item description' button.

Note: most probably in the future, eBay may return the error if the non-secure content is sent during the Item Description revise. 

Note: eBay will handle the security of Product Main Image and Gallery by himself. M2E Pro does not affect this content.

A protection from concurrent synchronization processes

When a Module synchronizes the data, no processes should be run in parallel. That is why M2E Pro has started to use the mechanism of Locks for the synchronization process. This protection prevents any other concurrent transactions from modifying the same data. In practice, this mechanism also prevents the creation of Magento Order duplicates.

eBay Integration


Ability to include the Waste Recycling Fee to eBay and Magento Order details

Starting from January 1, 2005, the California Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 (SB 20 and SB 50) requires all end-users to pay the Waste Recycling Fee while purchasing the covered electronic devices (CEDs). The revenues from the fee are sent directly to the State of California and used to cover the cost of device recycling.

eBay supports the collection of the Waste Recycling Fee on certain types of electronic devices. Based on California Law, the fee is applied to each Item in the order separately. The final fee is included in the total cost of the order shipped within the State of California.

Taking into account the aspects above, M2E Pro has added an ability to receive the Waste Recycling Fee from the Channel starting from the current version. In eBay Order details > Order Totals, a separate line indicating the total value of charged Waste Recycling Fee from all ordered Items will be displayed:

The fee value will also be transferred to Magento Order details:

Note: to display the Waste Recycling Fee in Magento Order details, navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings section and enable the Display Full Tax Summary option. The detailed information about the Taxes applied will become available in Magento Order.

So, now you are able to comply the requirements of California legislative and manage your Sales more efficiently.

Ability to receive Cash On Delivery Cost and display it on the Channel Order page

The Cash on Delivery payment method for Italy eBay site has been supported since 6.x.x M2E Pro version for Magento v 1.x.x. This option allows making your M2E Pro items available for payment by Cash on Delivery.

Starting from the current version, M2E Pro receives the Cash on Delivery Cost while importing the Channel Order. The COD cost value which has been applied to an order can be found on eBay Order Details page in your M2E Pro.


The Watermarks were not being added to the images in Custom Description

Before due to some reasons the watermarks were not being added to images and image gallery in Custom Description even if 'Use Watermark' option enabled.

The problem has been solved. The 'Use Watermark' option correctly works for the images/gallery added to the Custom Description.


Integration with Terapeak service

M2E Pro has supported the integration with Terapeak Service since 6.3.0 Module version. You have been able to use Terapeak Title Builder Tool for the optimizing your Item Titles, finding most attractive keywords or best categories to list within on eBay etc. by clicking on the 'optimize' link next to the Item Title in the Listing grid.

Recently, Terapeak Service has stopped to support the mentioned functionality. Therefore, starting from the current M2E Pro version, Terapeak Tool has no longer been available.

Amazon Integration


Ability to create Magento Order for zero-priced Items

Sometimes the Channel Order could include a zero-priced Items, for example, after the discount applied. Magento versions lower than 1.7.0 prevent to create Magento Order for Items with zero price. Later this approach had been reworked by Magento Team. Starting from v1.7.0 the Order can be also created for the Items priced at zero.

Taking into account the points above, M2E Pro makes an attempt to create Magento Order for all Items although some/all of them have zero price. In case Magento returns the error due to zero-priced Items included (for Magento versions lower than 1.7.0), M2E Pro creates Magento Order only for the priced Items. The log record about the impossibility to include zero-priced Items into Magento Order is written additionally.


Notification about impossibility to make Order Refund if Credit Memo created without Items

Amazon has strict requirements for the order refunding. To be processed through Amazon API, the refund request must be applied to certain Items in the order. Otherwise, the error is returned by Amazon.

Previously, when Magento Credit Memo was created without indicating the Line Item to refund, no obvious warning message was displayed. So, a user was unaware of reasons why the issued refund is not processed.

Starting from this version, M2E Pro warns users about the impossibility to make a refund without items. The appropriate record is added to Order Logs.


The DHL Carrier name was sent to the Channel as "DHL (Deprecated)" in some cases

Recently the DHL nick value has been changed on Amazon while in Magento the old value still remains. Due to this fact, when the DHL is selected during the tracking number specifying, the Carrier name could be sent as DHL (Deprecated).

With this release, M2E Pro obviates the issue. The correct DHL Carrier name is sent to the Channel.

M2E Pro Order Grand Total was displayed incorrectly when VAT applied

Before, the VAT was not being correctly applied to the Sales imported from European marketplaces. It was caused by Amazon changes made to the VAT values format.

The issue has been obviated. The European VAT is correctly applied to M2E Pro Order Grand Total.

Technical Changelog

  • Added: Import company name to Magento customer during order creation
  • Added: [eBay] Ability to receive Waste Recycling Fee from Channel and transfer it to Magento Order
  • Added: [eBay] Ability to receiving Cash On Delivery Cost and display it in Order page
  • Added: [Amazon] Ability to create Magento order even if it has zero price
  • Improvement: Return Products Image URLs based on a store configuration (http/https)
  • Improvement: The locking is now based on exclusive MySQL locks (protection of cron to be run in parallel)
  • Improvement: [Amazon] Readable error message, about impossible Order Refund, if Credit Memo created without Items (Amazon restriction)
  • Fix: [eBay] Watermarks are not being added to the images into custom description
  • Fix: [Amazon] Carrier Name of Tracking Number, sent as "DHL (Deprecated)" to Channel in some cases
  • Fix: [Amazon] Grand Total value displayed incorrectly in M2E Pro Order page when VAT on Europe marketplaces presented
  • Removed: [eBay] Integration to the Terapeak service