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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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eBay Integration


Automatic Revise of Items in order to solve the Brand/MPN-related errors

After eBay implemented new Product Identifiers requirements with a rather complicated mechanism for providing Brand and MPN values, and taking into account the issue with the Does Not apply value sent for some cases in previous versions, the following errors might arise during an update of Multi-Variational Items:

  • 'The multi-variation titles have been changed and were not updated on the eBay. You need stop and then list this item again.';
  • 'Variation specifics cannot be changed in restricted revise', etc.

In the current M2E Pro version, a different solution is implemented. It has the mechanism which detects the Items with the problem described above and updates them on the channel in accordance with the values provided for them at the present moment.


If an eBay Category in which the Item is Listed starts to require Product Identifier to be specified, all Product Data will be sent to the channel

In previous versions, errors might arise during Price/QTY Revise (Partial Revise) or Relist (with the Synchronize Data set to No) actions, in those cases when an eBay Category in which an Item was Listed started to require Product Identifiers (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc). It was caused by the fact that during these actions only a basic set of the Product Data was sent to eBay (e.g. eBay Item ID and its new Quantity or Price), but the Product Identifiers were not sent. Due to this, the errors such as 'UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.', 'EAN is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.', etc. could occur.

These errors could be received for an unlimited number of times, as there was no mechanism which would initiate a full Product Data update on the channel. Due to this, it was necessary to run Revise action for the affected Items manually to solve the issue. In case of a sizeable inventory, it could be rather difficult to identify which Item were affected and had to be manually updated. Moreover, execution of manual actions may be relatively time-consuming.

To resolve the problem, M2E Pro implemented the mechanism which automatically detects the affected Items and pushes the system to send all the Product Data to eBay for them.

Below you can find the steps of how it works:

  • the Product Price is changed in Magento Product;
  • Price Revise is launched;
  • eBay Item ID and updated Price value is sent;
  • eBay Category starts to require Product Identifier UPC to be specified;
  • the error 'UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.' arises;
  • M2E Pro automatically detects that the Item is affected by this issue and sends all the necessary Product data to eBay.

As a result, the Item is updated on eBay with all the required data. This solution works for both Simple and Multi-Variational Products.