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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Common Changes


Compatibility with PHP version less than 7.0.11 (6.x.x - 7.0.11 added) [only as beta mode]

Previously, M2E Pro Module was compatible with PHP versions 6.x.x and lower. However, starting from the 6.4.5 version, you can easily install the Module into the Magento systems with PHP versions up to 7.0.11.

Please note, there was a limited number of tests executed for M2E Pro installed in the environment with the PHP recent versions. Thus, we some issue might arose. That is why, the Module installed for these PHP versions should be considered as being in Beta mode.

eBay Integration


Add ability to use Parts Compatibility Feature for Italy Marketplace (kTypes)

Recently eBay made an announcement that the Parts Compatibility Feature will become available for the Italian eBay Site starting from October, 2016. The ability to add the kTypes for Items you are going to list to eBay Italy becomes available from the 6.4.5 M2E Pro version.

However, the list of the kTypes which might be used for eBay Italy was not provided for developers by eBay. That is why, the functionality was created basin on example data with the further in-depth testing. In any cases, the inability to test the actual data does not allow to give a 100% of guarantee of the feature functioning.


Unable to list new Items if PHP version less than 5.4 (short array syntax issue)

Using the M2E Pro version 6.4.4 and PHP versions less than 5.4, the error arose during the items were listed to eBay.

This problem is fixed and no related issues are observed in the version 6.4.5.

3rd Party Synchronization fails (it could be the reason of all synchronization gets stuck)

Under certain circumstances (if you have Relist/Revise/Stop rules enabled for the 3rd party Items and in the Relist Rules Synchronize Data option is either enabled), the synchronization might fail with the fatal error.

This problem is fixed and no related issues are observed in the version 6.4.5.