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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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The key changes

M2E Pro Module has been supplemented with effective mechanisms for preventing Magento Orders duplicates and importing non-actual Channel Orders, extended support of Parts Compatibility feature and implementation of active content through the HTML with CSS technology instead of JavaScript. Besides, some issues related to the processing of Magento Orders, managing of eBay/Amazon Variational Products were obviated.

For detailed instruction on how to upgrade M2E Pro Extension please see the following article.

Common Changes


A new protection mechanism to prevent Magento Order duplicates

Given that Magento is a multi-module system, users can install a great number of external plugins and configure all kinds of relations between the modules installed. However, such programmatic alterations of the environment, therefore, affect default Magento behavior. In some cases, it could cause double Orders created in Magento for the same Channel Sales imported through M2E Pro.

After the problem was recognized and investigated, the appropriate measures were taken to prevent it from happening in again.

Ignore Channel Sales older than the Channel Account creation date in M2E Pro

Before, under certain circumstances (e.g. order customer or shipping details were updated on the channel etc.), older Channel Sales could be automatically imported into M2E Pro. As a result, Magento Orders were created and Product stock was reduced for the already handled Channel Orders.

The functionality changes implemented in the new version ensure that only the Orders placed past the Channel Account creation date will be imported into M2e Pro. Therefore, Magento Orders are created only for the actual Channel Sales now.


A Simple with Custom Options Product is mistakenly considered to be a Variational in some cases

Taking into account the way the Variational data is arranged on the Channels, the variation options of a Simple with Custom options Product should be configured with a drop-down/ radio-buttons/ checkbox/ multiple select input type. If a Simple with Custom options Product is created using one of the above-mentioned input types, M2E Pro will recognize it as Variational Item. If a different input type is used (other than the mentioned ones), the Product will be identified as a Simple one.

However, there were cases when the Simple with Custom options Product was still recognized as Variational one although the selected input type was not the drop-down/ radio-buttons/ checkbox or multiple select.

This issue does not occur now.

eBay Integration


Ability to use Parts Compatibility Feature for eBay Spain site

Parts Compatibility functionality has long been available in M2E Pro. Since v 6.1.9, the module has extended the support of this feature for 5 European eBay sites: UK, DE, AU, IT, FR. Thus, you could take full advantage of Parts Compatibility providing the simple settings for kTypes via M2E Pro.

Starting from the current version the Parts Compatibility feature becomes available also for eBay Spain. So, if you have long planned to sell parts/accessories in association with compatible vehicles on the Spain marketplace you are welcome to use Add Compatible Vehicles tool within Setting View Mode of your M2E Pro Listing for Spain eBay site.


M2E Pro Image Gallery is processed via HTML with CSS technology instead of JS

In accordance with eBay announcement, the active content will no longer be supported after June 2017. For user convenience, M2E Pro Team has already provided the conditions for a smooth transition to the style sheet language.

Starting from this version, Gallery images provided in Custom Description will be processed via HTML with CSS technology instead of JavaScript that corresponds to the eBay instructions. Therefore, you can be sure that your Image Gallery will be available for Buyers after the eBay restrictions take effect.


Incorrect Product Status was set for the Out of Stock Item within Listing Grid after the Item was stopped directly on the Channel (if Out Of Stock Control feature is enabled)

In some cases when the End action was manually applied to the Out of Stock Item directly on the Channel, M2E Pro mistakenly recognized this Channel event as if the Item has been sold. Based on this, within Listing grid the Product status was changed from the Listed (Hidden) to Sold, while it was supposed to be changed to Stopped.

Now the Product Statuses within M2E Pro Listing totally correspond the appropriate Channel Statuses.

Not paid Orders could be automatically canceled earlier than allowed period has to be ended

Once eBay Order is imported, the Reserve Quantity feature holds the Stock during the specified Reservation period.

Previously, the Quantity Release action was performed right at the beginning of a new day, which is the last one in specified time frames. So in fact, the reservation period was much shorter than it supposed to be. Therefore, the Orders were automatically canceled earlier than allowed period has to be expired.

Now the actual time of purchasing is taken into account for the calculation of Quantity Reservation period.

Amazon Integration


A Parent-Child relation was ignored when a new Variational Product was being added to the Listing

When a new Variational Product was being added to the M2E Pro Listing, a Parent-Child relation was ignored by some reasons. In this case, the Product was recognized only as a separate variation of Variational Product, i.e. as Individual Product.

Now Variational Products are properly displayed within M2E Pro Listing. So, once you add Magento Variational Product to the Listing, you still have a choice to sell it as Amazon Variational Product or as Amazon Individual Product.

Some QTY amount was not returned back for AFN Orders if Magento Product QTY was lower or equal to zero

If a Quantity Reservation for AFN Order turned Magento Product Quantity to zero or some lower value, the reserved quantity could not be released in some cases, making impossible the creation of Magento Order.

Now the Quantity Release feature works correctly that allows Magento Order to be created.

Technical Changelog

  • Added: [eBay] Ability to use Parts Compatibility Feature for Spain (kTypes)
  • Improvement: Some sort of new protection to prevent Magento Orders to be duplicated
  • Improvement: Ignore Channel Orders that were created earlier than M2E Pro Account was created
  • Improvement: [eBay] M2E Pro Images Gallery uses CSS instead of JS (eBay active content deprecation announcement)
  • Fix: A simple with Custom Options product is considered to be a Variational by mistake (in some cases)
  • Fix: Undefined constant TYPE_DB_UPGRADE during an upgrade process (only if Magento versions less than 1.5.x)
  • Fix: Magento Order for Configurable Products was not created (the limited set of cases)
  • Fix: [eBay] Order Variation Options were not mapped automatically for Grouped Products in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Incorrect Status of Listing Product displayed in Listing Grid, if Out Of Stock Control enabled (Sold instead of Stopped) in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Not paid Orders could be automatically canceled earlier than allowed period was ended
  • Fix: [Amazon] Error when new Variational Product was added to the Listing because it was not considered as Parent-Child Amazon Product
  • Fix: [Amazon] Some QTY amount was not returned back for AFN Orders if Magento Product QTY was lower or equal to zero