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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Common Changes


Dynamic Price / Special Price support of Bundle Product

Full support of a Dynamic Price for Bundle Products was added in this version.

Also M2E Pro correctly processes percent in Special Price of Bundle Product.

Ability to see why Product was not Listed Automatically

In case Product was not listed automatically because it does not correspond to one of the List Rules of a Synchronization Policy you will see a notice about it in two next ways:

  • if there are no Log records to this Item;

  • if there are Log records to this Item,


Fixes and Improvements

Many issues in Mozilla and Internet Explorer Browsers

M2E Pro correctly works in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Insertion of Magento Attributes to the cursor position

If you would like to insert a Magento Attribute to a Custom Value of any option (where this function is available), in new version you can insert it to the cursor position, opposite to previous version where you were able to insert an Attribute value only to the end of the option value.

Amazon Integration

Listing Improvements

Manual Adding Products to the Listing

The process of adding Products to the Listing was greatly improved.

Now there is a possibility to add Products to the Listing (with an ability to use Advanced Filter) in two ways:

  • From Products List (as in previous version);
  • From Categories.

There are several new steps after adding Products to the Listing:

  • The first lets you to find ASIN/ISBN easily;
  • The second lets you to set the process of New ASIN/ISBN creation for the Products, for which existing ASIN/ISBN was not found.
Automatic Adding Products to the Listing

The maximum functional tool was added for Automatic Adding/Deleting Products to the Listing. It is working identically to the same tool on eBay Integration.

You can set a possibility to Add/Remove Product for 3 levels:

  • Global will check for Products being added or deleted anywhere in the Magento Catalog.
  • Website will check for Products being added or deleted anywhere in a Magento Website.
  • Category will check for Products being added or deleted in a Magento Category.

You can also specify the New ASIN/ISBN creation for Automatically added Products.

Three View Modes of Products Grid

In new version there are three available View Modes for the Products Grid (like on eBay Integration):

  • Amazon - displays Product information related to Amazon. In this mode, you can easily find Products by Amazon information, perform Actions in bulk (i.e. List, Revise, Relist, Stop, etc);
  • Seller Central - displays Products the way they are shown on Amazon Seller Central (each Product shown individually). In this View Mode you can still perform some Actions in bulk.
  • Magento - displays Products information related to Magento Catalog. In this mode, you can easily find Products using Magento Products information (i.e. Magento QTY, Stock Status, etc). 

Advanced Filter for Products Grid

For all Products Grids Advanced Filter is available now (like on eBay Integration). It gives additional possibility to filter products by Magento Product Attributes (for example, Name, Status, Price, Stock Availability etc.) or/and Amazon Item Values (for example, SKU, ASIN/ISBN, Sale Price, Fulfillment, Status etc.).

Attributes Sets selection is not necessary

In this version, to work with Amazon Integration there is no need to select Attributes Sets (as it is on eBay Integration). Their selection during creation of Listings, Selling Format Policies is not obligatory now.

For those options, where selection of Magento Attributes is available, the combination of Magento Attributes is forming individually for each setting.

Typical variants of available combinations of Attributes:

  • common Attributes, that are used for all Attributes Sets;
  • Attributes of a particular type.

Ability to work with Amazon Parent/Child Products

In previous versions you could sell variations of Magento Variational Product like Amazon Simple Products or like Amazon Child Products. Such selling ability left in M2E Pro without conceptual changes.

Now, M2E Pro supports second mode of working with Magento Variational Products. You can sell Magento Variational Product as a single Amazon Parent/Child Product.

So, each Magento Variational Product can be sold in two different ways:

  • as certain variation of Magento Variational Product - Amazon Simple Product;
  • all variations of Magento Variational Product - Amazon Parent/Child Product.

More detailed information you can read in the documentation (coming soon).

Ability to update Amazon Products Information

In new generation of M2E Pro extension there is a possibility to update Amazon Catalog Product Information such as Title, Description, Images, Specifics, etc.

Earlier, in previous versions, this information was sent once at the moment of New ASIN/ISBN creation. But in new version you can select for which Products, which Information and when (at the moment of New ASIN/ISBN creation or later) you want to update in Amazon Catalog Product Information. To do this you should use a Description Policy.

Description Policy, in contrast to Selling Format and Synchronization Policies, can be assigned to the particular Product, not to a Listing.

One of the most important option of a Description Policy is an ability to create New ASIN/ISBN for the Products you want to sell on Amazon. Also a process of adding Specifics becomes easier and more convenient for users.

More detailed information you can read in the documentation (coming soon).

Search Tool of ASIN/ISBN Improvements

For new version of M2E Pro ASIN/ISBN Search Tool was modified and improved - full support of Amazon Parent/Child Products, Variation Attributes display for Amazon Parent/Child Products, more understandable and convenient interface, etc.

In new generation there are two search modes:

  • search of Simple or Child Products to sell Simple Magento Products or certain variations of Magento Variational Product;
  • search of Parent Products to sell Magento Variational Products as Amazon Parent/Child Products.

More detailed information you can read in the documentation (coming soon).

Fully updated "New ASIN/ISBN" feature

In new generation of M2E Pro New ASIN/ISBN creation feature is available for all types of Products.

To create New ASIN/ISBN it is necessary to specify Description Policy.

In the Description Policy you have to obviously enable New ASIN/ISBN creation feature and specify some required fields such as UPC/EAN, Title, Brand, Manufacturer, Main Image, etc.

Now, before the start of New ASIN/ISBN creation process on Amazon, M2E Pro checks a lot of parameters and settings, that make it possible to escape lots of errors returned by Amazon.

More detailed information you can read in the documentation (coming soon).

Other Fixes and Improvements

"Policy" instead of "Template"

In new version for Selling Format, Synchronization and Description Template now is using term “Policy” (like on eBay Integration) . The term “Template” in old context is not used any more.

Fast Magento Attributes selection

For this version, interface of M2E Pro was improved so the selection of an appropriate Magento Attributes as sources for values becomes easier and faster (as it is on eBay Integration).

Understandable Help Blocks/Tips and Messages

All Amazon Integration has been well and qualitatively described and has a lot of helps and tips on the majority of pages therefore you can less read the documentation and easily penetrate into M2E Pro new interface.
Also M2E Pro received a built-in interpretation of the Amazon error messages.

For example, Amazon sends such text of error message : “The following attributes are missing for SKU: [5208]: [ [item_name],].For more details, see http://sellercentral.amazon.fr/gp/errorcode/8058” but M2E Pro reworked this text and displays: “The required attributes \"item_name\" are missing. Please set the values for the mentioned attributes and try again. For more information visit http://sellercentral.amazon.fr/gp/errorcode/8058”.

Combine "Condition Note" value using Magento Attributes

Now you are able to combine dynamic value for a Condition Note inserting an appropriate Magento Attribute.


More detailed Logs (Listings, Synchronization, etc.)

The Logging process has been refined. Now for each issue during selling Parent or Child Product there is an ability to see the Attribute and the Option.

Now for Listings and different Amazon Items it is possible to see full Logs in one click.


"Not Set / Not changeable" were removed

Earlier there was a possibility to select “Not set/Not changeable” during Listings setting. It was available if you wanted to Move Items from 3rd Party Listings to M2E Pro Listings. Now this option is deleted because of ambiguity, difficulty and unclear for users.

Note: At the moment of Default Listing creation (during Automatic Move of Items from 3rd Party Listings to M2E Pro Listings) for options, where “Not set/Not changeable” value was available, Default value or None (if it is possible) will be set.

eBay Integration


Integration with terapeak.com

Terapeak.com service was integrated in Listing Grid. Terapeak is a premium research service for e-commerce sellers, that searches and analyzes a full year of pricing, selling, and listing data.
More detailed information you can see on www.terapeak.com

Fixes and Improvements

Global 3rd Party Listings Synchronization settings

In previous versions you were able to specify Synchronization Settings for Mapped Products only for one chosen account in Account settings.

Now you can select appropriate settings for all the Accounts right from a 3rd Party Listings Page clicking on a Synchronization Settings button.


Additional Prevention of "Restricted Revise" error messages

Earlier the mechanism of eBay error messages prevention with keywords “Restricted Revise” was based on availability of orders in M2E Pro. In case there was no Orders in M2E Pro, “Restricted Revise” error messages cannot be prevented correctly.

In new version of M2E Pro it is improved and if there are no any downloaded Orders prevention of such error messages are working anyway.