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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Amazon Integration


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

A possibility to set Minimum Advertised Price to your offers was added to a Selling Format Policy settings in a new version of M2E Pro.

Minimum Advertised Price or MAP is the practice of a manufacturer providing marketing funds to a retailer contingent on the retailer advertising an end customer price at or above a specified level.

The process of setting and counting of MAP is the same to common Selling Price counting mechanism, but without an ability to set any Price Changes to the value (as on eBay Integration).

The Selling Price for your Product will not be displayed on the Product Detail Page or Offer Listing Page if it is less than the Minimum Advertised Price. The Customer only sees the Price you are selling the Item for if they add this Item to their Shopping Cart.

For example, you want to sell Boots manufactured by Factory 1. Factory 1 provides a Minimum Advertised Price for Boots equal 50 dollars. Your Price for that Boots is 30 dollars. Your Price is less then MAP, so a buyer cannot see your price until he add Boots to his Shopping Cart.

You can select a value for Minimum Advertised Price from three sources:

  • Product Price;

  • Special Price;

  • appropriate Magento Attribute.

Listings Photos for Used and Collectible Items

On Amazon you can sell Items with different Conditions - New, Used, Refurbished, Collectible, etc. If your Item is Used or Collectible you are able to add additional photos to Item description.

In new version of M2E Pro you can also add Listing Photos for Used and Collectible Items, you are going to List on Amazon, during Listing creation.

You have a possibility to select a source for Main Image as a Product Base Image or as a value from according Magento Attribute.

After that you can download Up to 5 Photos for your Item or to use an appropriate Magento Attribute as a source for Additional Images.

Listing Photos are available to buyers on a particular Offer Listing Page on Amazon.

Also these Photos can be automatically revised if Images option is set Yes in Revise Rules of a Synchronization Policy, that is used for this Listing.

Note: If Product Condition is different from Used or Collectible (even if Condition value is taken from selected Magento Attribute) Listing Photos option will not be used.

Fixes and Improvements

Condition Note Attributes are tracked now

Earlier Condition Note value did not revise during an automatic Partial Revise even when Details Revise was enabled in Revise Rules of a Synchronization Policy.

In new version if it is set Yes for Details option in Revise Rules, Condition Note Value will be automatically revised.

Notification if New ASIN/ISBN feature is not used

Previously, in case New ASIN/ISBN creation was assigned to a Product, but in Amazon Catalog existing ASIN/ISBN was found (according to Search Settings), New ASIN/ISBN was not created and replaced by found ASIN/ISBN without any notifications.

Now you will receive an understandable notification if a replacement of New ASIN/ISBN creation by existing ASIN/ISBN took place.

Stop and Remove / Delete and Remove for Child Products

Now there are “Stop on the Channel/Remove from Listing” action and “Remove from Channel & Listing” action in Actions bulk of Manage Variations pop-up for Child Products.

After Child Product was removed, you can always create it by clicking on Add New Child Product button.


eBay Integration

Fixes and Improvements

All Domestic Shipping Services are available now

In previous versions of M2E Pro depending on correspondence of Item Location and eBay Site there was a list of a disabled Shipping Services, which were unavailable for selection. Some of Shipping Services were disabled incorrectly.

In current version of M2E Pro all Shipping Services are available.