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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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 Common Changes

Fixes and Improvements 

Issue of "Managing Categories"

In previous version was a problem - in case you manage a Product through Manage Categories in your Magento, an error occurs. In latest version this problem was fixed.

Some Orders Managing Issues

Some bugs with Orders Managing are fixed in new version. There was a problem with orders where Items have a Reserved Quantity. Sometimes when Reservation was canceled, Quantity was decreased for an Item, which did not has Reservation. In new Version of M2E Pro this problem was resolved.

Also there was an issue with some Magento versions when for 1 Order 3 e-mail notifications were sent. Now it is fixed and works correctly.

Amazon Integration


Ability to See Amazon Categories in Search ASIN/ISBN Tool

In new version in a Search Results (both for automatic and manual Search) there is an ability to see recommended Amazon Categories for each Item.

Up to 3 popular Categories, where this Item is placed on Amazon, are available.

Cancellation and Refund of Amazon Orders

Now an option of automatic Cancellation of Amazon Orders or automatic Refund of Items associated to Amazon Orders at the moment of Credit Memos creation in Magento Orders that were created by M2E Pro is available. You can enable it in Account Settings on the Orders tab.

In case Amazon Order has Status Unshipped and you created a Credit Memo for associated Magento Order which include all bought Items, Amazon Order Cancellation will be run automatically.

However, automatic Refund of bought Items associated to Amazon Order is available in case Amazon Order has Status Shipped. Refund action will be run only for those Items for which Credit Memos were created.

Fixes and Improvements

Many Improvements of Sale Price 

In case you set up a Sale Price values in Selling Format Policy with actual dates, in new version of M2E Pro you can see it in a Products grid of a Listing.

If you want to see Sale Price From and To Dates, you can hover the mouse cursor on a tip in a Price column of a grid.

Also a Sale Price is taking into account in a filter of Price column of a grid.

Moreover the synchronization work become more accurate in case you are using a Sale Price for your Listing (e.g. Partial Revise option revises Product Price changes including Sale Price changes).

Fast Viewing Child Products by Statuses

In new version in case you are listing a Parent-Child Product in a Status Column of Products grid of the Listing you can see numbers of Child Products with each Status.

Also you can easily go to Child Products tab of Manage Variation pop-up by clicking on a number near the Status in a grid

Rakuten.com Integration

Fixes and Improvements

A lot of problems of managing Products for Rakuten.com Listings were fixed. For example, in previous versions there was an ability to list Variational Products without setting its Options. But it was unclear which exactly Option you’ve listed. Now you cannot List Variational Product until you manage options.

Also were fixed and improved:

  • Automatic Search tool bugs;
  • Synchronization work;
  • Some notifications become easier and more clear.