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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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  • Migration of M2E Pro data to Magento v2.x
  • Support for the new authentification method on Walmart US
  • Removing Value shipping via Walmart Shipping Overrides

Common Changes

Migration to Magento v2.x

The current version includes M2E Pro Magento Migration tool to transfer your M2E Pro data to Magento v2.x. It will prepare the Module database for the migration, keep all your Account, Policy, Listing, etc. configurations, and preserve Channel Sales and Order logs for the last 30-day period. The tool will automatically validate and adapt the migrated data to the Magento v2.x environment. Please read more details in this article.

As of September 2019, the data migration can be performed from M2E Pro v6.5.6 Magento v1.x to M2E Pro v1.4.2 Magento v2.x. Before you start, please read carefully our Migration Guide.


Important note

Start the migration only after you successfully install both M2E Pro v6.5.6 on Magento v1.x and M2E Pro v1.4.2 on Magento v2.x. Once you confirm the migration running, your Module on Magento v1.x will be put under maintenance and the process cannot be rolled back.


If you have questions, please contact M2E Pro Support team at support@m2epro.com.



Mass creation of Magento orders

Now you can create Magento orders in bulk for the selected Channel orders. The new option is available in the Action menu under eBay/Amazon/Walmart > Sales.

Adding custom notes to orders

Add the comments to your Channel sales via the Custom Notes tool on the Order Details page. M2E Pro will transfer all your notes to the corresponding Magento order and keep them updated in accordance with your edits.


Switching the Module on/off

If you need to perform some operations in your Magento and do not want M2E Pro to track them, you can temporarily disable the Module under System > Configuration > M2E Pro > Advanced > Disable/Enable Module. It will stop M2E Pro Extension and all synchronization tasks on your Magento installation. Once you complete the required actions, you can switch the Module on.

Amazon Integration


Show Categories tool is no longer available on manual ASIN/ISBN assigning

Previously, when you manually searched for ASIN/ISBN to assign your products, you could see Show Categories link in the search results. It would allow getting the current Amazon category for that ASIN/ISBN via Amazon API.

Recently, the relevant section of the Amazon API stopped working and Show Categories tool is no longer available in M2E Pro.

Walmart Integration


Support for the access token-based authentication on the US marketplace

Recently, Walmart has changed their 3rd party solution provider authentification policy on the US site. In accordance with the new access token-based authentification, you need to grant M2E Pro access to all API sections and generate Client ID and Client Secret. The details can be found here.

Important note

M2E Pro still requires Consumer ID to act on your behalf. Your Consumer ID must not be changed in Account Configuration once it is provided. It is the only unique seller identifier on the website.

If you need to reauthorize Extension, please generate a new Client ID and Client Secret for M2E Pro in Walmart Developer Center.


Switching image URL protocol between HTTP and HTTPS

With this release, you can choose whether to use secure or non-secure content when uploading images to Walmart. To make a switch, use Image URL(s) option under Walmart > Configuration > General > Advanced.


Switching HTTP/HTTPS protocols may help to resolve the invalid image URL errors returned by Walmart. See the details in this article.


Removing shipping methods via overrides

You have an ability to remove selected shipping method from the available fulfillment options on the website. For example, if you do not want to offer free shipping for a group of products, create an override to remove the Value shipping. Read more about the Shipping Overrides here.


Removing Value shipping can only be done through the Shipping Overrides. Walmart does not allow sellers to disable Value shipping through Seller Center.

Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Added] Ability add notes to Order.
  • Common: [Added] Mass action "Create Magento Order" in the order grid.
  • Common: [Improved] Adding store id to redirect URLs to Magento Product.
  • Common: [Fixed] Product is not moved to Listing that contains Product with In Progress status.
  • Common: [Fixed] "Warning: max/min(): Array must contain at least one element" around the project.
  • Common: [Fixed] Marketplaces synchronization does not work on some wizards.
  • Common: [Fixed] Notice: Undefined index: default_value in Ess/M2ePro/Model/Magento/Attribute/Builder.php.
  • Common: [Fixed] Prevent cron execution during maintenance mode.
  • Common: [Fixed] Fixes for migration to Magento 2.
  • Common: [Fixed] Remove Action is skipped when it should not.
  • Common: [Fixed] Base table or view not found if database use prefix on upgrade.
  • eBay: [Improved] It takes a long time to load the Listing Product grid in Settings view mode if too many Parts Compatibility items have been selected.
  • eBay: [Improved] Combine order log.
  • eBay: [Fixed] Product grid filter does not work on the Settings View Mode in some cases.
  • eBay: [Fixed] "Fatal Error: Call to a member function getMessages() on null" on List action.
  • eBay: [Fixed] Incorrect display of the name of an existing Policy on eBay.
  • eBay: [Fixed] eBay Duplicate functionality.
  • eBay: [Fixed] Incorrect status for Child Product on eBay in some case.
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Amazon's Shipping Services pop-up window no longer appears for orders with the status "Shipped".
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Account is deleted after Consumer ID was changed.
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Fatal error in some cases when added Magento Products to Listing.
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Marketplaces synchronization does not work on some wizards.
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Uncaught TypeError: $(...).clear is not a function (Js Error on Amazon Shipping Services).
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Warning: Division by zero in Model\Amazon\Order.php.
  • Amazon: [Fixed] When send price or tax more than in order item on refund order.
  • Walmart: [Added] Ability to remove a Shipping Service from the channel.
  • Walmart: [Added] Replace URL images.
  • Walmart: [Improved] Walmart introduced a new Access Token based Authentication.
  • Walmart: [Improved] Add currency column for Shipping Override in Walmart Selling Policy.
  • Walmart: [Improved] Missing log message after successful list action.
  • Walmart: [Improved] Authentication for the US and CA.
  • Walmart: [Improved] Receiving order updates.
  • Walmart: [Improved] SKU is not updated on channel item Revised action.
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Promotions turning off feature does not work.
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Account is deleted after Consumer ID was changed.
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Error on List Action.
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Filter for consumer id doesn't work
  • Walmart: [Fixed] When send price or tax more than in order item on refund order
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Warning: Division by zero in Model\Walmart\Order.php
  • Walmart: [Fixed] Remove redirect url to channel order from order grid

The detailed instructions on how to upgrade M2E Pro Extension can be found here.

If you have any questions, contact Support Team at support@m2epro.com.