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Extension for Magento v1.x

Walmart Integration

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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 In this article, you will learn how to configure your M2E Pro on the global level. Under Magento System > Configuration > M2E Pro, you can manage your Channel Integrations, provide general price and quantity settings, define your interface and log history preferences, update an Extension Key, etc. Let's overview the available options.


Under the Channels tab, you can enable the integrations that you are going to work with. Only enabled integrations will be shown in the top-side menu:


Please switch to the General tab to set up your preferences for the following options:


  • Products Thumbnails – select whether to show or hide the product thumbnails.
  • Help Blocks – select whether to show or hide the Help blocks.
  • Restore All Helps & Remembered Choices - click to restore the default settings: the hidden Help blocks will be shown in the interface again and all Remember my choice settings will be discarded.


  • Manage Stock "No", Backorders - enable if you want to sell on Walmart products that are currently out of stock, i.e. for which you have disabled the Manage Stock option or allowed the Backorders in your Magento. In this case, M2E Pro will list the relevant products with a nominal quantity.
  • QTY To Be Listed - enter the formal QTY value that will be sent to Walmart for the relevant products.


  • Convert Magento Price Attribute - enable to automatically convert the Magento Price Attribute values.
    The automatic currency conversion will be useful if you are going to list your products on the Marketplace which has different Base Currency. After you enable this option, M2E Pro will automatically convert a value of Magento Attribute with Price input type based on the Base Currency and Currency Rates of your Magento.

The Convert Magento Price Attribute option will affect the next values:

Selling Policy

  • Price
  • Minimum Advertised Price
  • Promotion Price
  • Comparison Price
  • Shipping Cost (Overrides)
Description Policy
  • MSRP / RRP


You can read more about currency settings in Magento documentation.


Magento Product Price and Special Price are converted by default if the currency rates are set up in your Magento.

Global Synchronization

If you update a product price or quantity via direct Database injections (e.g. using Import/Export Tools or Custom scripts), it is important to set up M2E Pro Models or Plug-in for Magmi Import Tool.

Only if you cannot use the options above for some reasons, you may enable the Track Direct Database Changes.

Important note

The tracking of direct Database changes is resource-consuming and may affect the performance of your Magento site and synchronization with the Channels. Please enable this option only in case of extreme necessity.

Log clearing

M2E Pro automatically records the events occurred in your Module instance. Under the Logs Clearing tab, you can set up an automatic log clearing. All log records beyond the specified period will be automatically deleted.

By pressing Run Now, you can activate your settings immediately. Click Clear All next to the desired section to delete all existing logs.

Billing info

Under the Billing Info tab, you can find the email address, Domain and IP which are currently associated with your Extension Key:

Each Extension Key undergoes validation based on Domain name and IP addresses. This is done to prevent inconsistent access to your data. It also protects from the risk of the synchronization being performed from several instances simultaneously.

If you change your Magento location, you will need to obtain a new Extension Key on clients.m2epro.com and update one in here, i.e. Magento System > Configuration > M2E Pro > Billing Info. To enter a new Key value, please click Use Another Key, then Confirm the changes and click Refresh.


Please click Save Config after any changes are made.


To temporarily disable the Module, click Proceed under Disable/Enable Module section. It will stop M2E Pro Extension and all synchronization tasks on your Magento installation. Use the same button to switch the Module on.

If you need to migrate your M2E Pro data to Magento v2.x, you may use M2E Pro Magento Migration tool. Once you click Proceed under Migration to Magento v2.x section, the Module will be switched into maintenance mode. It allows preparing M2E Pro database for the migration.

Important note

Before you run the migration process, please read our Migration Guide.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Support Team at support@m2epro.com.


Migration to Magento v2.x section is available if M2E Pro your version supports the data migration. Please check the Release Notes