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Extension for Magento v2.x

Walmart Integration

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Description Policy — the settings where you define conditions on how Product Information will be provided on Walmart. Description Policy includes the key details of a product as a physical object, i.e. product name, brand, keywords describing item features, images, etc.


EAN — European Article Number: it is a unique code used in global trade to identify a product type, its manufacturer and other specifics.


GTIN — Global Trade Item Number: a unique number used to identify products in global trade.


Item —  a physical product which will be sold on Walmart. An item can be shared by many sellers.

Item status — data showing at which stage of publishing a product is.

Item status: Published  — a product was successfully added on Walmart and it is visible for buyers.

Item status: Ready to publish — a product is in the final staging process and awaits to be published.

Item status: In progress — the product data is being processed and the item will be added soon.

Item status: Unpublished — a product was hidden from the Walmart website due to the invalid product data. See Unpublish reasons.

Item status: Stage — a product is at the final staging process but cannot be published because the seller hasn’t finished all Launch Stages yet.

Item status: System problem — a product cannot be published because of an error. To resolve such issues you need the assistance of Walmart Marketplace Support.


Logs — records of actions and events related to M2E Pro Listing, 3rd Party Listing, Order management, synchronization running, and error notifications.


Magento Child Product — a certain variation of a Parent Product e.g. Black T-shirt. Child Products (Variations) are physical products which are presented on the Walmart interface and can be purchased.

Magento Parent Product — a virtual container with a set of Child Products i. e. product variations. Parent Product is not shown on the Walmart interface and cannot be purchased. Only child products are shown in the Walmart inventory.

Magento Simple Product — a product which you sell without variations such as sizes or colors.

Magento Variational Product — a product which varies by one or more characteristics/attributes, i.e. size, color, etc.

Magento Variational Product with Selected Variation — Magento Variational Product that can be sold as an individual product on Walmart.

Magento Orders —  information about a purchase, including product quantity, price, and buyer’s data, based on Walmart Order. You can use it to control the purchasing process.

Mapping — the association of Magento Products with products which you already added on Walmart without using M2E Pro. 

MPN —  Manufacturer Part Number: it is an identifier assigned to a part\detail by a manufacturer.

M2E Pro Listing — a custom list of Magento products, which you can group by any characteristic convenient for you.


Offer — conditions under which a seller makes the specific item available. Conditions include price, shipping, and return policies.

Offer status — it shows at which stage of the lifecycle your offer is.

Offer status: Active —  an offer is live and visible for buyers.

Offer status: Retired — an offer has come to the end date and is not visible on Walmart. It will become ACTIVE again if you extend the end date.

Offer status: Archived — an offer has been RETIRED for over a year. To make it ACTIVE, you will need to contact Walmart Marketplace Support.


Product ID Override — a feature that gives a possibility to change product identifiers,  i.e. GTIN, UPC, EAN or ISBN, for the already active items.


Selling Policy —  the conditions under which sellers want to sell their items on Walmart such as product price, quantity, shipping, and tax settings.

Shipping override — the feature allows overriding global shipping setting for a specific group of products.

SKU — Stock Keeping Unit: a unique code you create to identify Magento products in your inventory.

SKU override — a feature that gives a possibility to change product SKU for the already active items.

Synchronization Policy — the settings where you create conditions and rules for automatic inventory synchronization between Magento and Walmart. The policy can be applied to a group of products.

Swatch Image — a picture displaying the visual difference of items in Variant Group.

Swatch Variant Attribute — a characteristic by which Swatch Images will be shown on your Item page i.e size or color.


Target Audience — it is a specific group of people within the market at which a product is aimed.


UPC — Universal Product Code: it is a unique identifier assigned to a product by Walmart.


Variant Attribute — a characteristic by which a Variational Product vary on the Walmart website e.g. size, color, manufacturer, etc.

Variant Group — a group of individual items that only differ by a few attributes on the Walmart website, e.g. a pair of shoes that come in different colors or sizes.

Variant Option — a certain value of the Attribute, e.g., Red T-Shirt, Green T-Shirt, etc.


Walmart Consumer ID — identification number you receive after you finished Walmart registration. You’ll need to enter the data to link M2E Pro to your Walmart account.

Walmart Order —  it’s a document with purchase information including quantity and agreed price for products as well as buyer’s data based on Walmart Transactions. You can use it to control the purchasing process.

Walmart Partner Profile — your company’s profile with name, description, logo, and more information representing your company to customers on Walmart.

Walmart Private Key — identification key you receive after you finished Walmart registration. You’ll need the key to link M2E Pro to your Walmart account.

Walmart User Account —  your personal account registered on Walmart.


3rd Party Listing — a list of Items that were added to Walmart without using M2E Pro Extension.