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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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On this tab you can add an eBay Production (live environment) or Sandbox (test environment) account.

Here are the simple steps which you should follow:

  • Enter a meaningful title for your internal usage.
  • Select an eBay Account Environment:

You can select from 2 available options: Sandbox – test environment or Production – live environment.

A Production eBay account only works in a live environment. A Sandbox account only works in a test environment. To register for a Sandbox account go to www.developer.ebay.com
  • click on Get Token button;
  • you will be redirected to eBay, where you will need to Sign In

  • next, you should agree with the eBay terms

  • press Save and Continue Edit button at the top of the page

After saving you will see additional setting tabs under configuration in the left side menu.