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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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The first main possibility to manage eBay Orders you can find directly in Orders grid in eBay Integration > Sales > Orders


Main Columns

Sale Date - displays the date of eBay Order creation;

Magento Order Number - displays the number of Magento Order created for according eBay sale. Can be set up in Accounts > Orders.

eBay Order Number - displays the number of eBay Order. The value is taken from eBay.

Items - displays eBay Item number, their Titles, SKUs, ordered quantity and transaction number.

Buyer - displays a Buyer Information, that is taken from eBay.

Main Features

  • Ability to run actions for Orders in bulk

You can select from such actions:

  1. Reserve QTY - to reserve ordered quantity of Product;
  2. Cancel QTY Reserve - to cancel quantity reservation;
  3. Mark Order(s) as Shipped - to change Order(s) status to Shipped;
  4. Mark Order(s) as Paid - to change Order(s) status to Paid;
  5. Resend Shipping Information - to send shipping information again.
  • Ability to filter and sort eBay Orders

You can sort and filter order by according column of a grid.

For example, sorting by Sale Date

  or filtering by Reservation state of the Order 

  • Ability to search by the particular parameter

For example, searching by eBay Item ID

  or searching by eBay Order number 

  • Ability to view log records for a particular Order


To view logs, you should click on an icon in Magento Order number column. The icon varies depending on successful/unsuccessful action and it can be like : or .

  • Ability to use a Selling Manager number of eBay order

You can use a Selling Manager number of each eBay order directly from the grid.