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eBay Integration

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What is In-Store Pickup Service?

If you are a large merchant and have the Items stocked in the physical stores, you may join this Service on eBay. It allows you to save on shipping cost, while the buyers can get their purchase without waiting for delivery.

To use In-Store Pickup Service, Sellers should associate their physical stores to their eBay accounts and add the inventory to these stores. The related Items will be flagged directly in the search results. This allows increasing the Item visibility on eBay site.

The prospective buyer will see the "Available for In-Store Pickup" option on the Item page along with the nearest store address. After the purchase is made, the buyer will get a notification that the Item is ready for pickup.

Note: You must be eligible for the In-Store Pickup feature. Please contact eBay to get an approval.


The In-Store Pickup Service is currently available on the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia eBay sites. The feature can only be applied to multi-quantity, fixed-price listings.


For the appropriate work of In-Store Pickup Service the Click and Collect option must be disabled.

How to use the In-Store Pickup feature via M2E Pro?


The In-Store Pickup Service is disabled by default in M2E Pro. Please contact M2E Pro Support Team at support@m2epro.com for feature activation.

After you are approved by eBay to use the In-Store Pickup Service and activate the feature in your M2E Pro by contacting M2E Pro Support Team, complete the following steps:

  • Navigate eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts > In-Store Pickup tab where you should enable the Stores Management option.

  • Go to the eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts grid and click My Stores link.

  • Press Add Store.
  • Provide basic store settings, such as Name, Location ID, Phone Number, etc.


The Location ID should be unique for each Store.

  • Under Location tab, provide the full address of your Store including all possible details. eBay will analyze this information when deciding if this Store fits the In-Store Pickup Service conditions for a particular buyer.

Press the Get Latitude and Longitude button to have Longitude and Latitude values for the Store automatically generated based on the general address data you provided (i.e. Country, Region, City, etc). Based on the Latitude and Longitude values, eBay calculates whether the Store location is within the 5-mile distance to the buyer.

You should also press Show on Google Map link to check the generated Longitute and Latitude values;


  • Under Business Hours, you can set up a common working schedule and select the days and the timestamp when your Store is available for Buyers. In the Special Work Hours section, you can specify the working time on a special date;


  • Go to Quantity Settings tab to select the Quantity source for the Products in this Store. There are 2 options to choose from:

1) Selling Policy — uses the quantity settings provided in Selling Policy for a Product.

2) Custom Settings — allows you to select the Quantity source as well as specify the Percentage and the Conditional Quantity Options for this particular Store.


If you have a lot of Stores with a high number of products, quantity settings provided via Custom Settings tool can negatively affect the performance of your Magento.

  • Press Save at the top of the page to save the Store settings.

How to add Products to Stores?

Please, follow the instructions to add Products to Stores:

  • Go to the M2E Pro Listing and press In-Store Pickup button at the top of the page.

  • You will be redirected to the In-Store Pickup page, where you will be able to add new Products to the selected Stores by pressing Assign Products to Stores button.
  • Select the Products which should be assigned to the Stores.


Only Items from the current M2E Pro Listing are available for the selection.

  • If you need to unassign any of the Products from the Stores, it can be done on the same In-Store Pickup Management page by selecting Unassign option from the Action bulk at the top of the grid.

 The In-Store Pickup button can also be used to review the Store and Product details, as well as Product Quantity and Logs.

What's next?

Now, when the settings for In-Store Pickup Service are provided – the Stores are created and the Products are added to them, - M2E Pro will automatically update Product Quantity based on the Synchronization settings.


If a high number of Items was added to the Store, the Store grids can be updated with some delay.


If the Revise Rules are disabled in your Synchronization Policy, product quantity will not be updated.

How does M2E Pro process the 'In-Store Pickup' orders?

After the Buyer bought an Item, which is managed by 'In-Store Pickup Service', the Orders should be processed. The algorithm is similar to the common eBay Order processing via M2E Pro:

  • an eBay Order is imported into eBay Integration > Sales;
  • the corresponding Magento Order is created;
  • based on the Magento Order Status, the notifications are sent to eBay automatically.

What should be configured?

To update the Orders Manually, you can use additional options in eBay Integration > Sales:

  • you can use In-Store Pickup filter to review only In-Store Pickup Orders;

  • if you select Mark as Ready for Pickup option from Actions bulk for one or several eBay Orders, a notification that the Buyer(s) can already pick up the purchased Item in the selected Store will be sent;
  • if you want to send the notification(s) to eBay that one or several Orders (meaning purchased Items) have already been picked up by the Buyers, you can use Mark as Picked Up option from actions bulk at the top of Orders grid;
  • use Mark as Cancelled option to annul the selected Order(s)

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