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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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Please, take a time to review this article with the detailed instruction on how to install/upgrade your M2E Pro.


If you haven't tried M2E Pro on your M2 store yet, you can install it by downloading Extension as a .zip archive.

Please, follow these steps to proceed:

  • Then, unpack it to the core of your Magento;
  • Next, you should execute the command following the pattern php %magento2_installation_dir%/bin/magento setup:upgrade

Also, to make the module work properly, it is necessary to deploy static content data. Please, check the article below to learn how it can be done http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.1/config-guide/cli/config-cli-subcommands-static-view.html.

In addition, for the Production Mode of Magento it is strongly recommended to run the command following the pattern %path_to_your_magento%/bin/magento setup:di:compile to increase the working speed of the Magento after the installation.

Please note, the Extension(s) installed in the way described above will not be available in System > Web Setup Wizard > Component Manager section of your Magento.

Moreover, you can find the Module on github.com.

Our congratulations! You've successfully installed your M2E Pro.

To move forward, you will need to pass the configuration process, where you will provide initial settings for your Accounts, marketplaces and create your first Listings. Then, you will be able to sell your Magento Products to eBay. Also, you can configure the automatic data synchronizing rules and manage the received orders directly in your Magento.


If you have an M2E Pro already installed in your Magento, you can easily upgrade it using a .zip file.

The detailed Information about the upgrade process you can find here.

Also, you can easily find information about each new M2E Pro version release in our Release Notes.