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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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On Magento Inventory tab, you can provide the global settings for Inventory and Product Price management.

Quantity section

Here you can specify whether M2E Pro is allowed to List Products with unlimited stock or that are temporarily out of stock. Please define the following options:

  • Manage Stock "No", Backorders - enable if you are going to allow backorders for a product or do not want to manage product stock.
  • QTY To Be Listed - specify a nominal QTY value that will be sent to the Channel.

If Manage Stock is disabled for Magento Product, it will be listed with a quantity value you set in QTY To Be Listed field, e.g. 10. Once an order is placed, M2E Pro will update Channel Item quantity with the nominal value again.

If Backorders are allowed for Magento Product and its quantity riches zero, M2E Pro will relist the corresponding Item with a nominal value you set in QTY To Be Listed field, e.g. 10. All the subsequent orders will reduce Magento Product quantity to the value below zero. Yet, Channel Item quantity will remain 10.


Magento order creation depends on your Account settings.


Product Stock Availability must be set to In Stock status when backorders are enabled. Otherwise, Magento order cannot be created.


Please make sure your Relist Rules are enabled and properly configured. Item will be successfully relisted if you provide the following setup:

  • Product Status -> Enabled
  • Stock Availability -> In Stock
  • Magento Quantity -> Any
  • Calculated Quantity -> Any
Price section

Here you can specify whether Magento Price Attribute values should be converted automatically.

If you are going to list your Products on the Marketplaces which have different Base Currency and Product Price/Shipping Cost value, as well as a Shipping Surcharge, are set to be taken from Magento Attribute with Price input type, you can enable the automatic Currency conversion.

Note: the automatic conversion will be applied to the value set in Magento Attribute with Price input type, which you choose from 'Magento Attribute' group of drop-down:

Please consider, that conversion feature for the 'Product Price' and 'Special Price' is available via default Magento Settings.

The Convert Magento Price Attribute option will affect the next values: 

Selling Policy

  • Price

  • Strike-Through Price

  • Minimum Advertised Price

Shipping Policy

  • Cost

  • Additional Cost

  • Surcharge (for Flat type of Domestic Shipping

    provided by FedEx and UPS Services)

With this option enabled, M2E Pro will provide currency conversion based on specified Base Currency and Currency Rates of your Magento

Find the details on how to provide the currency settings in Magento documentation.