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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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Click on a Magento Order number in a grid to manage a Magento Order created for selected eBay Order.


Order Date -the date of Magento Order creation;

Order Status -displays the current status of Magento Order;

Purchased From - displays a Magento Store View data.

Account Information

Customer Name - displays the name of the Customer based on Buyer Information from eBay Order;

Email - displays an email address of a Customer;

Customer Group - shows to which Magento Customer Group a buyer referred.

eBay User ID - displays an eBay Identifier of Customer which made a purchase.

Billing Address

In this block you can find the main billing address data of a buyer.

Press Edit to add/edit any data.

Shipping Address

In this block, you can find the main shipping address data of a buyer.

Press Edit to add/edit any data.

Payment Information

Payment Method - displays which payment method is used for current order;

eBay Order ID - displays an Order ID from eBay;

eBay Final Fee - displays a final amount of fee;

Transaction - displays transaction details;

Shipping and Handling Information

In this block, you can find the information about Shipping data and Handling in case it is provided.

Items Ordered

In this block you can find the information about Product that was ordered

Comments History

Under this section, you can check all notes left for an order. For example, if a buyer has left a message during checkout, it will be imported with an eBay order and listed in the corresponding Magento order as follows:

Orders Total

Details on the final total for the Order and how it’s made up appear here.

Note: if you sell certain types of electronic devices that are taxed the Waste Recycling Fee, and you need the Waste Recycling Fee value is being included in Magento Order, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings section and enable the Display Full Tax Summary option.

The detailed information about the Taxes applied will become available in Magento Order.