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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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You can move Items placed in one M2E Pro Listing to another one if needed using 'Move to Another Listing' option available on the Settings View Mode of the Listing:

Following the steps below, you will be able to proceed and move the Items from one Listing to another:

  • go to the Listing and switch it to the Settings View Mode using a switcher at the top of the page

  • select the Product(s) you would like to move
  • choose Move Item(s) to Another Listing option from the Actions bulk at the top of the grid

  • press Submit button
  • you will see a pop-up with the list of the Listing you can move the selected Items to

M2E Listings shown in the table have the same eBay Site and Account as the current Listing. To view a Listing click on its title

If the list does not contain the Listing you would like to move the items to, you can create a new one using an Add New Listing button.