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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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You can sell Configurable, Bundle, Grouped and Simple with Custom Options Products on eBay.

To create a listing with variations the requirements below must be met:

  • The listing must be in the fixed-price format.
  • The listing must be in a category for which eBay supports multi-variations.
  • If listing belongs to more than one category, the second category must also support multi-variation listing.
  • Listed product must meet the next condition (If at least one of the condition is not met, Bundle, Configurable and Grouped products will not be listed; Simple with Custom options product will be listed as a simple product without variations):

                  - The quantity of Product Variations is not more, than 5.

                 - The quantity of values of each variation is not more, than 60.

                   -  The sum of quantities of all possible products combinations is not more, than 250.

For example, the Product has 2 Variations - Size and Color.

Color Variation has 2 options - Green and Red.

Size Variation has 7 options - S, XS, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL.

The sum of quantities of all possible products combinations is 2 x 7=14

Therefore, the Product will be listed as multi-variation.

Multi-Variation listings are not supported by Belgium (French), Belgium (Dutch), Hong Kong, Canada (French), Poland, Singapore eBay marketplaces.

eBay only displays 30 characters of the 55 allowed in the drop-down field for Multiple-Variation listings.