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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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If you sell the vehicle details on eBay, you have a great opportunity to increase an Item search relevance by using eBay Parts Compatibility. This feature allows easily listing specific items (e.g. parts/accessories) in association with the compatible vehicles. As a result, it provides your Buyers with additional parameters (e.g. specific car make, model etc.) for more accurate and effective Product search.

This becomes much easier if you are using M2E Pro. Since the Module supports eBay Parts Compatibility for US and European eBay sites:

  • ePIDs of compatible vehicles are available for eBay Motors, United Kingdom and Germany sites;
  • k-Types of compatible vehicles are available for eBay United KingdomGermanyItalyFranceSpain, and Australia.

The k-Type database is the same for all related eBay Sites.

To use this feature via M2E Pro you need to provide simple settings:

Step 1. Set up Compatibility Attribute, which will be used for saving ePIDs / k-Types of compatible vehicles (eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings).

Step 2. Update eBay Sites to get the most up-to-date Parts Compatibility list (eBay Integration > Configuration > Marketplaces).

Step 3. Navigate to M2E Pro Listings grid and set the required Parts Compatibility Mode for your Listing (for UK and DE marketplaces only).

You are able to select one of the available modes:

  • ePIDS - is based on the Product Reference IDs of compatible vehicles for this eBay Site;
  • kTypes - is based on the common kType data provided by eBay for all Sites (by default).

Save your choice in order to apply specified settings to your Listing.

Step 4. Go to eBay Integration > M2E Listings > [View Listing page] and switch to the Settings View mode.

Step 5. Select Item(s) you want the Compatible Vehicles to be added to.

Step 6. Select Add Compatible Vehicles from the Actions drop-down and press a Submit button.

The Add Compatible Vehicles pop-up will be opened. Here you will be able to prepare the Parts Compatibility data for further usage:

  • select the items manually;
  • filter the records by various conditions (i.e. Type, Model, etc.).

You can save the applied Filters by pressing a Save Filters button or save selected Compatible Vehicles as Group to reuse them if needed.

Specify the additional information for the selected Compatible Vehicles if needed. Choose Set Note action from the Actions drop-down.

Once you select the most suitable items or previously saved Filters/Groups, submit Select action.

You can select only up to 3000 Compatible Vehicles at once due to technical reasons.

If you need to add more than 3000 Compatible Vehicles at once, use the following methods:

  • Save Filter - filter the records by required parameters and click on Save Filter button. On the Filters tab, choose appropriate saved Filter, submit the Select action, then Add/Override all the Compatible Vehicles that suit your filtering settings at once.

  • Save Group - select 3000 or fewer records and submit the Save as Group action. Create as many Groups as you need. On the Group tab, choose appropriate saved Groups, submit the Select action, then Add/Override all the Compatible Vehicles belonged to these Groups at once.

You will see the prepared data in Selected Items line. Press Add / Override button to save selected compatible vehicles into Parts Compatibility Magento Attribute:

  • Add - the prepared ePID/kType values will be Added to the items already existed in the Attribute;
  • Override - the prepared ePID/kType values will Override the already existed ones.

Parts Compatibility information will appear in the Listing grid. Click 'Show' in the Compatibility column to review it.

If you do not find the required compatible vehicles within M2E Pro Parts Compatibility list that is based on eBay data, you can add a custom ePID/k-Type database.

Step 7. After all required settings are done, List/Revise the Item. Specified Parts Compatibility data will become available on the Channel.