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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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If you navigate to eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings section, you can specify preferences for Global settings and configure the specificity of eBay Items management.

Please, take a time to review each configuration in details:

Main - contains specific configurations for eBay Items management;

Synchronization - allows determining whether the products should be updated on eBay automatically;

Parts Compatibility - allows specifying a Magento Attribute, where the ePID/k-Type values will be saved, as well as importing a custom base of compatible vehicles;

Interface - allows specifying global preferences on how the data should be displayed in your M2E Pro;

Magento Inventory - allows providing the global settings for Inventory and Product Price management;

Logs Clearing - contains settings for the automatic clearing of the logs records;

License - allows identifying which License Key and related to it information are associated with your current installation.