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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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To start with and create your first M2E Pro Listing, you should provide a descriptive and meaningful Title for your M2E Pro Listing. This is used for your own reference in M2E Pro and will not appear on your eBay Listings.

For example, you could choose a Title of ‘iPhone accessories’ if you intend to use this Listing to List iPhone accessories because they are all sold and shipped in the same way.

eBay Settings

eBay User ID

Then, you should choose an eBay User ID you are going to list the Items from.

If the eBay User ID you want to use is not available as an option - you can create it in two ways:

  • Go to the menu eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts and press Add Account.
  • Click Add Another button next to the Account bulk

For more details, see Adding an eBay Account.


Next, select eBay Marketplace where you want to sell your Listing Products. Currency is set automatically based on the site you choose here. For example, Euros for Germany or US dollars for the United States.

Magento Settings

Magento Store View

To proceed, choose a Magento Store View for your M2E Pro Listing. It determines which Magento Products can be added to this Listing and which product information will be submitted to the Channel. For more information about Magento store views, refer to the Magento documentation.


If you want to list Magento Products from a certain Stock in your Multi-Source Magento on eBay, you need to create an M2E Pro Listing for a Magento Website assigned to that Stock.