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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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Overview details about the eBay order appear in this section.

eBay Order

Magento Order #

The number of corresponding Magento Order.

Magento orders will be created according to the settings used in Account Settings > Orders

Click Create Order to the top right of the page to create the Magento order manually. The Magento order number will be N/A if this is the case.

Note: all the products in the Order must be mapped to a Magento product for a Magento Order to be created successfully. See the Transaction Items section of this page or read more about mapping.
Sale Time

The time the eBay sale was made.

Update Time

The last update for this eBay order.

Order Status

Information on which stages in the eBay order process have completed or are pending.


The eBay account that was used to list the product for which this order was received.

Buyer Information

Details for the eBay buyer appear in this section.

Click Edit here to go to Edit Shipping Address and edit the customer name, email, address and telephone number if required

For orders received from Italian eBay site, you can additionally see Buyer Tax ID information.

Payment Information

Details about payment for the eBay order appear in this section, such as the payment date, method and the eBay account used.

For Orders received from eBay Italy site, the Cash on Delivery Cost is displayed if Cash on Delivery payment method is used.

Click Mark as Paid to the top right of the page to confirm that you have received payment for an order.

The Order Currency will be set automatically based on the eBay site where the product was listed, as determined in the general settings used for the M2E Pro Listing.

If applicable, a clickable transaction number section that will take you to payment details will appear in the External Transactions section.

Shipping & Handling Information

Details about which shipping service has been selected for the eBay order appear here.

Click Mark as Shipped to confirm that you have dispatched the order. Add tracking details in the Magento order details (click the Magento order number for quick access to the Magento order).

Resend shipping information if you need to resend information because, for example, you have added a tracking number or the buyer has lost the shipping information.

Transaction Item(s)

The product or products that form this eBay Order appear in this section.

If you see a link to Map to MagentoProduct or Set Options you will need to let M2E Pro know which Magento product in your inventory matches the eBay item.

Click Unmap to break the link between the eBay item and a Magento product before mapping again.

Read more about Mapping

Custom Note

Add the comments to your Channel sales via the Custom Notes tool on the Order Details page. M2E Pro will transfer all your notes to the corresponding Magento order and keep them updated in accordance with your edits.

Checkout Message and Order Log

If a buyer has left a message during checkout, it will be imported with an eBay order. See an example below.

You can keep track of an order processing using Order Log section in eBay Order Details:

Order Totals

Details on the final total for the order and how it’s made up appear here.

Channel Order made for certain types of electronic devices includes the total value of charged Waste Recycling Fee from all ordered Items: