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Extension for Magento v1.x

eBay Integration

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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If you sell the vehicle details on eBay, you have a great opportunity to increase an Item search relevance by using eBay Parts Compatibility. This feature allows easily listing specific items (e.g. parts/accessories) in association with the compatible vehicles. As a result, it provides your buyers with additional parameters (e.g. specific car make, model etc.) for more accurate and effective product search.

It becomes much easier when using M2E Pro. The Module supports eBay Parts Compatibility for US and European eBay sites. Please find the detailed instruction by following the links below:

  • ePIDs of compatible vehicles are available for the eBay Motors, United Kingdom and Germany sites;
  • k-Types of compatible vehicles are available for the eBay United KingdomGermanyItalyFranceSpain, and Australia.


Please check parts compatibility-enabled categories: