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Extension for Magento v1.x

eBay Integration

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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After you add Magento Products to your Listing and select an appropriate eBay Category, you need to set Item Specifics.

Item Specifics let you provide details, such as brand, size type, size, color, and style. On eBay Listings, these details appear at the top of your Listing description, in a consistent format, making it easy for buyers to get the facts about your item.

If you do not want to set Item Specifics details every time you add products, use the 'Item Specifics Step' option to skip this step.

Some Item Specifics are mandatory and are indicated with *. You need to choose a mode and value for them.

  • eBay Recommended – eBay recommends certain characteristics for your product. Choose the most appropriate one from the drop-down menu.
  • Custom Value – allows you to manuallytype specific information about your product rather than choosing from a list. This is particularly useful if the eBay recommended option does not include information about the specific item you have for sale.
  • Custom Attribute – use the value for a Magento attribute for each product.

Click Add Custom Specific to add your own custom item specific if you feel it will help sell your product and choose from these options:

  • Custom Attribute – select a Magento attribute to use as the custom specific’s name. The item specific value will be taken from the attribute’s value.

  • Custom Value – allows you to manually enter the name and value of the custom item specific. 

  • Custom Label / Attribute – enter the name of the custom item specific and use only the value from the selected attribute.

Also, you can add several Custom Values for one Item Specific in case this Specific supports multiple values.

The number of values depends on the number of available values for particular Item Specific.


According to eBay requirements, the standard maximum length for the value of an item specific is 65.

Next step

When you have completed setting Item Specifics you can choose between Listing products on eBay straight away or Reviewing the items first.

If you choose to list on eBay, M2E Pro will attempt to send the Items to eBay for Listing before taking you to the Listing Items page where you will be able to manage your Products and take further action if necessary.

If you choose to review your Items first, you will be taken directly to the Listing Items page to manage your Items.