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Extension for Magento v1.x

eBay Integration

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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You can manage products for an M2E Pro Listing by going to eBay > Listings and clicking the name of the M2E Pro listing you want to work with.

In Advanced Mode, you can choose between different View Modes for the Product list. You can switch between Modes using the drop-down at the top of the Product list. This page tells you how to work with the eBay View Mode.

Available Columns

Product ID - a Magento Product ID was taken from Magento Catalog.

Product Title/Product SKU/eBay Category - a Title and SKU taken from Magento Catalog and eBay Category you provided.

Item ID - an ID connected to listed Item on eBay.

Available QTY - available quantity on eBay according to Magento Product and Selling Settings.

Sold QTY - the number of Items sold on eBay.

Price - an Item price on eBay according to Magento Product settings and Selling Settings.

End Date - the date when Listing Duration ends according to Selling Settings.

Status - shows an Item Status on eBay:

  • Not Listed – Item was not listed on eBay.
  • Listed – Item was listed on eBay.
  • Sold – Item was listed on eBay and was sold.
  • Finished – Item was listed on eBay and listing period was ended.
  • Stopped – Item was listed and stopped, either manually or according to Synchronization Policy settings.
  • Pending – Item was blocked by M2E. See Prevent eBay Item Duplicates to find out more.

Available Actions

You can use an Actions bulk to run selected action for the Product on eBay View Mode.

  • List Item(s)  – lists selected Items on eBay. This option only works with Items that have the status Not Listed.
  • Revise Item(s) – revises selected items. This option only works with items that have the status Listed. Depending on the eBay site for the item you are revising, you may need to meet certain conditions for the revision to be successful. Check the eBay help for the eBay site you are listing on for more details.
  • Relist Item(s) – relists selected items. This option only works with items with statuses of 'Sold' or 'Stopped'.
  • Stop item(s) on eBay – stops selected items. These items stay in the M2E Pro listing but are no longer listed on eBay.
  • Stop on eBay / Remove from Listing – stops the eBay listing for the selected items and removes them from the M2E Pro listing.
  • Preview Items - allows previewing the main Product data.
  • Edit eBay categories settings (Simple Mode only) – edit eBay Categories for the selected items. See Set eBay Categories for more information on working with eBay categories.

Manage Variations

In Manage Variation pop-up, you can manage each Variation individually, i.e provide eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your BundleDownloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products.


'Does not apply' and 'Unbranded' values for BundleDownloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products will still be taken from Description Policy if specified.


GTIN and MPN values provided for Configurable and Grouped Products via Manage Variations pop-up will have a priority over the settings made in Description Policy.

To set up product variations, please complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to Listing, click Manage Variations link next to the Multi-Variation Item.

  • In the opened pop-up, click Set in 'eBay Catalog Identifiers' column to provide the relevant values for each variation. Enter eBay Catalog Identifier value and Confirm your settings


will be added / will be deleted notice means that Variation will be added/removed during the next Revise action.

You can change the eBay Catalog Identifier settings by clicking Change:

Since eBay does not allow removing/replacing product variations after they were sold, M2E Pro stores the old inactive variations. This allows maintaining the data compliance during the Item updating. You can review the variations by clicking Show Old Inactive Variations in Manage Variation pop-up.


To comply with eBay product-based shopping experience program, the old inactive variations within affected categories should also be adapted to the eBay catalog. M2E Pro will collect and store the relevant data automatically for all new Items.

If any of your listed Items already have old inactive variations, you should fill in the required GTIN/ePID fields manually. Otherwise, eBay will return the error when M2E attempts to revise the Item.


The logic of eBay Catalog Identifier submitting:

- the Brand value is taken from Magento Parent Product and applied to the whole Item including its variations.

- GTIN and MPN values for each variation of your Configurable and Grouped Products can be provided in two ways. If they are set in Description Policy, the relevant values will be taken from Magento Child Products. eBay Catalog Identifiers provided for Configurable and Grouped Products via Manage Variation pop-up will have a priority over the settings made in Description Policy.

-  eBay Catalog Identifiers for each variation of your BundleDownloadable and Simple with Custom Options Products can be provided only via Manage Variation pop-up.

- 'Does not apply' and 'Unbranded' values can be set for all Variational Products only via Description Policy.

Preview Items

When the Preview action is applied, you can see a preliminary eBay Product page. The M2E Pro preview page is only a stylized template, but not an actual eBay page.

To see an Item Preview page, you need to tick the appropriate Products from the Listing and select Preview Items from mass actions bulk.

You can choose up to 50 Items to preview at the same time, then switch between them:

The Preview page displays the main Product data, such as Product Title, Image(s), eBay Item ID, eBay Category path, Item Condition, Quantity, Price and all of the available Product Variations, which will be sent on eBay during the next List/ Revise/ Relist action.

The Preview template also gives you a brief overview of the main Item Specifics, Description, Shipping, Payment and Return data. You can find this information under the corresponding tabs at the bottom of the page. However, the available information does not contain all of the details, only the most essential points.

Item Duplicates Prevention Tool

According to eBay Duplicate listings policy, two or more Items will be considered duplicate if there is no significant difference between them. eBay restricts to list the Items which have the same Product Identifiers, Titles, Description, etc.

However, sometimes the Item duplicate issue may arise due to the technical reasons. For example, the temporal limitations on eBay side or a network connection failure can lead to the next situation. After the List/Relist action is submitted to the Channel via M2E Pro, the Module does not get a confirmation from eBay that the operation is completed successfully. I this case, the next automatic synchronization will try to list/relist the Item again. While eBay will consider this attempt as Item duplicate listing and may apply the restrictions to your seller account.

To prevent the scenario described above, M2E Pro Team has developed a special Tool. It detects the potential duplicates during the Item list/relist and prevents the action to be submitted to the Channel. When the Item duplicate is detected, you will see the 'duplicate' mark next to this Listing Item and the related notification.

Click the Duplicate link to open an additional settings pop-up. Select one of the possible solutions:

  • Ignore this message for the Item {eBay Item ID} - means that the Item data will be sent to eBay during the next sync to check whether the issue still persists.

  • Stop Item {eBay Item ID} on eBay - means that the related Channel Item will be automatically stopped on eBay, while this Item will be listed once the List Rules are met.

  • Stop Item {eBay Item ID} on eBay and list/relist the current Item - means that the related Channel Item will be automatically stopped on eBay, while this Item will be listed/relisted immediately.


Use the 'Duplicates' filter option to display the Listing Items which are marked as duplicates: