Base configurations

All Professional Sellers are able to target the business customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Join the Amazon Business program to take all advantages of B2B sales:

  • an ability to attract more institutional buyers;
  • increased visibility of your Business Offers;
  • the Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts;
  • the VAT-exclusive Price displaying (for Amazon Europe);
  • automatic VAT invoicing.


Your Business Account must be approved by Amazon.

Using M2E Pro, you can greatly simplify the process of business selling and enhance your sales conversion without any efforts now. Proceed with detailed instructions on how to make your B2B sales with M2E Pro below.

Step 1

Navigate to Amazon > Configuration > General tab and enable the Price, QTY Discounts option.

Step 2

Go to Amazon > Configuration > General tab > Selling Policy, where two Selling Types will become available for you:

  • B2C enabled - allows specifying the Regular Price for your Products. Items with B2C Price will be available for both B2B and B2C Customers.

  • B2B pricing - allows specifying the Business Price for your Products. B2B Price will be available only for B2B Customers.

Enable B2B pricing.


Be very thoughtful when you enable the 'B2B pricing'/'B2C enabled' type of Selling. Amazon does not allow disabling the B2B/B2C price on the fly during the Revise/Relist action.

To change the current Selling Type to another one, you will have to Remove the Item from M2E Pro Listing and Channel, then Add and List this Item with new settings applied.

Step 3

After B2B pricing is enabled, specify the Business Price and Quantity Discounts for your Channel Offers.

Step 4

Navigate to Amazon > Listings, find the required M2E Pro Listing for US/UK/DE/FR marketplace. Next to this Listing, select Edit Settings > Selling from the Actions drop-down. Assign the related Selling Policy to this M2E Pro Listing.

B2B Price

Business Price allows you to offer special rates to business customers.

Specify the B2B Price by choosing a required Magento Attribute from the drop-down.

Note: the Minimum Advertised Price and Sale Price are not supported by Amazon under the Business Pricing.

Quantity Discounts

Amazon Business program allows creating unique and profitable business offers to your buyers. Use a specific discount system for multiple Items purchased.


You can choose the required way of Discount calculation:

  • Product Tier Price - the discounted Price value will be taken from a Tier Price Attribute of Magento Product. Read more detail here.

  • Custom Value - the discounted Price value will be calculated as a Price from selected Magento Attribute with a Price Change option applied.

For example, your product price is 7£, and you want to offer a discount for the purchased products with QTY >= 5. To do it, make the following set-up:

Business Buyers will see the next record once they click ‘Request a quantity discount’:

QTY >= 5, price 4,75 £, where:

'QTY <= 5' is the number of purchased products to which the discount will be applied,
'price 4,75 £' is the final price per product considering the discount applied (7£ - £2,25).

VAT Calculation Service

Amazon Business program for the UK, DE, FR, IT, SP marketplaces includes an ability to join Amazon VAT Calculation Service. It provides sellers with two main opportunities:

  • an automatic VAT invoicing for all Channel Orders;

  • a VAT-exclusive price displaying.

To use these features, you have to opt in VAT Calculation Service in your Seller Central Account first. Once it is done, Enable the VAT Calculation Service option in your M2E Pro under the Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Account configurations > VAT Calculation Service.

Automatic VAT invoicing

Amazon guarantees an automatic generating of VAT invoices on Seller's behalf for all Channel orders. To prevent the issue of duplicate invoices you will need to disable Magento Invoice Creation for your Channel Sales. Switch to Yes the Disable Magento Invoice Creation option.

Note: after enrolling in VAT Calculation Service, the automatic VAT invoicing will become available for your Merchant ID. You will need to disable Magento Invoice Creation within each Account of European Marketplaces. It will prevent the issue of duplicate invoices.

VAT-exclusive price displaying

VAT-exclusive price displaying can be achieved by using Amazon Product Tax Codes.

Choose the required Product Tax Code from the Tax Collection of your Amazon Seller Account and specify it within M2E Pro Product Tax Code Policy:

  • as a Custom value;

  • via Magento Attribute.

Then assign the saved Policy to the relevant Products within Settings View Mode of M2E Pro Listing (for the UK/DE/FR/IT/ES marketplaces only).

B2B Orders

Once your Item with B2B Price is purchased, the Channel Order will be imported into M2E Pro and marked with a special label.

All imported B2B Orders can be found in Amazon > Sales:

To review the detailed information about imported Amazon Business Order, click the required record in the Order grid: