If you are already selling on Amazon and want to manage your existing Amazon inventory based on Magento data, you may enable the 'Import Unmanaged Listings' option.

The imported Unmanaged Items can be found under Amazon > Listings > Unmanaged. You can match Items with Magento Products and move them to M2E Pro for subsequent management. Please refer to this article for the details.

Important Note

If there are Variational Items (Parent/Child relationship) in your Amazon Inventory, only Child Products will be imported into Unmanaged Listings.


It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing Unmanaged listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory

During the initial importing, the Unmanaged Items can be mapped to Magento Products automatically based on the SKU, ASIN/ISBN, Title values. To activate this feature, you need to enable the 'Product Mapping' option and select a relevant Magento Attribute. Please read about Mapping Attributes below.

Mapping Attributes

Select the Product parameters based on which the Item mapping should be performed.

  • SKU - compares Amazon Item SKU with:

- Magento Product SKU;

- Magento Product ID;

- selected Magento Attribute value.

  • ASIN/ISBN - compares Amazon Item ASIN/ISBN with a selected Magento Attribute value.
  • Title - compares Amazon Item's Title with:

- Magento Product Name;

- selected Magento Attribute value.