Using M2E Pro Shipping Policy, you can apply Amazon Shipping Templates to your M2E Pro Listing Products. Navigate to Amazon > Configuration > Policies, click Add Policy > Shipping.


Prior to creating M2E Pro Shipping Policy, set up the Shipping Templates in your Seller Central.

Complete the following steps to configure Shipping Policy:

  • Specify the meaningful Title of your Policy template.
  • Enter Amazon Shipping Template name that you want to apply. Type the value manually or select an appropriate Magento Attribute.
  • Click Save.


Enable the 'Details' option in Revise Rules of M2E Pro Synchronization Policy to automatically revise Shipping information on Amazon when the related Magento Attribute or Policy Template is modified.

Shipping Policy for your products can be configured in Selling Settings and applied to all items in the Listing. Nevertheless, if you specify the shipping settings for some products individually, they will override the Listing`s ones.


You can assign Shipping Policy to your Amazon items in the Settings View Mode within the M2E Pro Listing.