Stock availability is crucial when processing an Order. For efficient inventory management, M2E Pro has developed the Quantity Reservation feature. It allows holding the Product stock aside until Magento Order is created or the reservation period expires. This plays the role of assurance that you would be able to fulfill the order and avoid the oversells. 

When does Quantity Reservation work?

After the Channel Order is imported and the Order creation rules are not met yet, M2E Pro reduces Magento Product quantity by the number of purchased Items.

For example, Amazon Item has QTY=12. A customer has ordered 2 Items. If Amazon Order is already imported, but Magento Order cannot be created yet, the Quantity Reservation may occur: Magento Product quantity will be automatically decreased by 2 Items. The Channel Item will be updated appropriately. The prospective buyer will see only 10 Items available for the purchase on Amazon.

Important note

M2E Pro will reserve the Item Quantity only if both 'Manage Stock' and 'Decrease Stock When Order is Placed' options are enabled in your Magento under the System > Configurations > Catalog > Inventory.

How long does Quantity Reservation last?

The Item Quantity will remain reserved during the term specified in your Account configuration and will be canceled after the reservation term expires or released prior to creating Magento Order.


If an order is canceled directly on the Channel, the reserved Item quantity will be released automatically.

Under the Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Orders you can select the reservation period from 1 to 14 days.


The reservation is required if Magento Order creation is enabled. The '1 Day' term is provided by default.

You can cancel the Quantity Reservation manually if needed. Navigate to Amazon > Sales, open the Order details, click Cancel QTY Reserve at the top of the Order page.

How can I track the QTY Reservation actions?

All actions related to the Quantity Reservation are logged. You can check them under the Amazon > Logs > Orders.