On this tab, you can add an eBay Production (live environment) or Sandbox (test environment) account.

1. Please select eBay Account mode:

Mode – the environment of eBay account:

  • Sandbox – test environment.
  • Production – live environment.

    A Production eBay account only works in a live environment. A Sandbox account only works in a test environment. To register for a Sandbox account go to www.developer.ebay.com

2. Press Get Token. You will be redirected to the eBay website. Sign in using your eBay account credentials.

4. Click Agree to grant M2E Pro access to your eBay account data.

If a Token has been successfully accepted, the Activated status will turn to Yes.

5. Press the Save And Continue Edit.

After saving you will see additional setting tabs under Configuration in the left side menu.