If an eBay order contains items that haven’t been matched to products in your Magento inventory, you will need to let M2E Pro know which Magento product in your inventory matches the eBay item.

There are two types of matching:

  • Link to Magento Product – applies to simple products.
  • Set Options – applies to product variations.

Link to Magento Product

To link a Magento product to an item in an eBay order, click Link to Magento Product for the item in the Transaction Item(s)section of the eBay Order Details page.

Order Item Linking will appear, allowing you to enter a product ID or SKU directly. 

When you find the product you want to use for linking, click the Link To This Product link on the appropriate line.

Set Options

To set up options on variation products in an eBay order, click the Set Options link for the item in the Transaction Item(s) section of the View order details screen.

Set the product options then choose if you want to use the same details for future orders by selection Save selection for subsequent orders. Click Confirm to save your settings.

After saving, you can still click Set Options to change the options for an eBay item.