What's new

Version 6.19.0 brings improved order management capabilities and allows you to create Magento Orders for Amazon FBA Orders in a separate Store View.

Read on for detailed information and check the technical changelog below.

What's planned

For Walmart integration, we are going to introduce compatibility with Shipping Templates.

Amazon Integration

Creation of Magento Orders for Amazon FBA Orders in a separate Store View

For a more flexible order management process, you can now set M2E Pro to create Magento Orders for corresponding Amazon FBA Orders in a separate Store View.

Simply enable the Create in separate Store View option in your Account settings (Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > FBA Orders Settings). Then select a Store View where M2E Pro should create Magento Orders for your Amazon FBA Orders:

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Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Fixed] Undefined index: m2epro_extension in Ess/M2ePro/Model/Order/Shipment/Handler.php on line 63 when trying to resend Shipping Information [#2973]
  • eBay: [Added] Mark "Name", "Mode" and "Value" fields as required when adding Item Specifics [#2634]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Excessive number of warnings during the automatic revise of Price and Quantity [#3114]
  • eBay: [Fixed] Product variations are mapped incorrectly [#3051]
  • eBay: [Removed] "Additional cost" field is required in Shipping Policy [#1245]
  • Amazon: [Added] Creation of Magento orders for Amazon FBA orders in a separate Store View [#2343]
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Incorrect order logs displayed in case of shipping and tracking issues on Amazon [#3135]
  • Walmart: [Improved] The deprecated "Consumer ID" field is renamed to "Client ID" on the Accounts page for Walmart US [#1231]