What's new

In version 6.9.0, as for common changes, we added the ability to list Magento Grouped Product as a Product Set and to find Child Products in Search Tab. Also, now the Module saves filtered conditions when you switch between Listing View Modes.

For eBay integration, we introduced the Managed Payments option in Payment Policy.

For Amazon integration, we added:

  • Turkey and Sweden Marketplaces
  • Sell on Another Marketplace feature
  • Ability to skip tax for USA orders in some states

Read more information below, or watch this video with a brief overview of the new version.

What's planned

For Amazon integration, we are going to add the ability to upload VCS Invoices.

The Cancel/Refund feature is scheduled to be added for eBay orders.

Also, we plan to introduce the ability to use shipping templates for Walmart integration.

Common changes

Ability to list Magento Grouped Product as a Product Set

From now on, M2E Pro supports listing Magento Grouped Product as a Product Set. 

The Product Set mode is applied to the Not Listed items by default. It means that Grouped Product will be listed as a Single Item on the Channel. To change the settings for the List Grouped Product as option, go to System > Configuration > M2E Pro > General > Variational Product Settings:

Check out this article for more detailed information.

Ability to find Child Products in Search Tab

It is now possible to find a Child Product if you search by its SKU in the Product Title/Product SKU column of the Listing.

When M2E Pro finds the Child Product you are searching for, the Module will display it as part of a Multi-Variational Product. To manage this Child Product individually, click on the arrow icon:

Save filtered conditions when switching between Listing View Modes

M2E Pro will now save filtered conditions after you switch between Listing View Modes. You can set the filters to find particular products and then configure any settings in all View Modes.

eBay Integration

Managed Payments

If you are using the eBay Managed Payments feature, you can now enable it in M2E Pro as well. This way, the buyers will have more payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. As for the sellers, they will receive the payment directly to their bank accounts instead of PayPal.

Navigate to eBay > Configuration > Policies > Payment Policy. Tick the checkbox next to the Use eBay Managed Payments option:

Make sure that you have enabled the eBay Managed Payments feature in your eBay Seller Center first.

Learn more information on the eBay Managed Payments feature here.

Shipping Surcharge Removed

eBay no longer supports setting Shipping Surcharge in the separate field. As an alternative, eBay recommends sellers to configure shipping surcharges in Shipping Rate Tables instead. In M2E Pro, we allow sellers to download and use Shipping Rate Tables from eBay.

Amazon Integration

Amazon Turkey and Sweden Marketplaces are now available

We added two more Marketplaces for Amazon – Turkey (TR) and Sweden (SE):

To enable the new Marketplace or update the marketplace data, go to Amazon > Configuration > Marketplaces.

Sell on Another Marketplace

Starting from this version, you can use the Sell on Another Marketplace feature on Amazon. It allows you to list products on multiple Amazon marketplaces, and M2E Pro will preserve all the settings you have previously configured for these products.

Read this article to learn about the Sell on Another Marketplace feature in detail.

Ability to skip tax for USA orders in some states

As you may know, Amazon processes taxes for orders made in some US states.

From this version, you have an option to skip the tax for such orders. Navigate to Amazon > Accounts > select Account > Configuration > Orders > Order Tax Settings.

To configure the Amazon Collects Tax option, be sure to set Tax Source to Amazon or Amazon & Magento.

If you set the Amazon Collects Tax option to Yes, the Show States button will appear. Click on it to see the states that are pre-selected (based on Amazon data as of 23.09.2020).

As the number of US states eligible for order tax processing may change, here you can select the states for future use.

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Technical Changelog

  • Common: [Improved] Save filtered conditions when switching between Listing View Modes
  • Common: [Improved] Date configuration in Order Reimport
  • Common: [Improved] Partial data download optimization
  • Common: [Improved] Ability to find Child Product in the Listing Search
  • Common: [Improved] Order Reimport optimization
  • Common: [Improved] Grouped Product management
  • Common: [Improved] Account duplicate prevention
  • Common: [Improved] Optimization of the 3rd Party and M2E Pro Listing Products synchronization
  • Common: [Improved] Delete old records in operation history table once a day
  • Common: [Fixed] Message "Translation not found: "Product(s) was Mapped." is displayed on the "3rd Party Listings" page after clicking "Map To This Product"
  • Common: [Fixed] Class "IntlDateFormatter" not found
  • Common: [Fixed] Synchronization may stuck on MySQL versions <= 5.5 after upgrade from old versions
  • Common: [Fixed] Duplicate tracking number is created when marking an order as Shipped
  • Common: [Fixed] Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null
  • Common: [Fixed] Magento Store View is filled instead of being empty at the New Listing Creation step
  • Common: [Fixed] Email notification settings can’t be disabled
  • Common: [Fixed] Magento 1.9.4.x / M2E 6.8.0 compilation error: Can"t load serializer adapter "PhpSerialize"
  • Common: [Fixed] Downloading mapping tables for migration does not work if notices output is enabled
  • Common: [Fixed] Every order item is being shipped separately
  • Common: [Removed] Extra line in Logs after Relist
  • eBay: [Added] eBay Managed Payments
  • eBay: [Improved] Sell on another Marketplace
  • eBay: [Fixed] Cannot edit Shipping Method with Custom Attribute after saving eBay Shipping Policy
  • eBay: [Removed] Listing Settings Customization pop-up (when adding products to Listing)
  • eBay: [Removed] Shipping Surcharge
  • Amazon: [Added] Ability to skip tax for Amazon USA orders in some States
  • Amazon: [Added] Sell on another Marketplace
  • Amazon: [Added] Amazon Turkey (TR) Marketplace
  • Amazon: [Added] Amazon Sweden (SE) Marketplace
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Australia Marketplace is not displayed due to incorrect group in the latest versions
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Link does not work and unexpected symbols are shown in the error message in Amazon Account
  • Amazon: [Fixed] Undefined index: marketplace_id in controllers/Adminhtml/Amazon/Listing/CreateController.php on line 83 on creating a Listing
  • Amazon: [Fixed] The fatal error is displayed on the "View Amazon Listing" page after switching to the Settings View Mode
  • Walmart: [Improved] Add attribute with "Text Area" input type for Keywords