Before you publish your offer on the Walmart website, you must define the selling conditions, i.e. product price, quantity, shipping, product tax code settings, etc. To do it, set up M2E Pro Selling Policy under Walmart > Configuration > Policies. Please click Add Policy, select Selling, then complete the following steps:

Step 1: Provide general settings

Please enter a meaningful title for your internal use, then select Walmart marketplace.


 Selling Policy is created per marketplace that cannot be changed after the Policy is assigned to M2E Pro Listing.

Step 2: Define a product quantity

  • Quantity - select Magento source for a product quantity available on Walmart.
  • Quantity Percentage - specify a percentage of Magento Product quantity that has to be submitted to Walmart. For example, if QTY Percentage is set to 10% and Magento Product quantity is 100, the item quantity available on Walmart will be calculated as 100 * 10% = 10.
  • Conditional Quantity - enable if you want to define a minimum and maximum product quantity values that should be submitted to Walmart. Please consider the following explanation prior to enabling the option:
    • if Magento Product quantity is 2 and you set a minimum quantity to be listed of 5, a Listing Product will not be listed on Walmart. To be submitted, Magento Product quantity has to be equal or more than the value set for Minimum Quantity to Be Listed option.
    • If Magento Product quantity is 5 and you set a maximum quantity to be listed of 2, your Walmart Item will have a maximum quantity of 2.
    • If Magento Product quantity is 1 and you set a maximum quantity to be listed of 3, your Walmart Item will have a maximum quantity of 1.

Step 3: Set a product price

  • Price - select Magento source of a product price displayed on Walmart. Selected Magento Attribute must contain only numeric values.


Please be advised if the Special Price attribute is selected, but it is not defined in Magento Product settings or its terms have already expired, Product Price will be used instead.

You can modify the initial Magento Product price using the Price Change box. For example:

    • If you want a product price on Walmart to be greater by 15% than a price in Magento, you should set +15%.
      Walmart Item price = Magento Product price + Magento Product price * 0.15.
    • If you want a product price on Walmart to be less by 10 currency units than a price in Magento, you should set -10. 
      Walmart Item price = Magento Product price - 10.

    • If you want a product price on Walmart to be multiplied by coefficient 1.2, you should set 1.2. 
      Walmart Item Price = Magento Product Price * 1.2.
  • Variation Price Source - select the source of a price value for Bundle Product's options displayed on Walmart.
    • Main Product - a price value will be taken from Magento Parent Product.
    • Associated Products - a price value will be taken from Magento Child Products.
  • Minimum Advertised Price - it is the lowest price that a retailer can advertise a product for sale.


If your item price is below the manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price, it will not be displayed on the Walmart Item page. Buyers will see your retail price only after they add the item to the cart.
  • Promotions - enable to provide promotional pricing for your products.

Please click Add Promotions to complete the Promo details, i.e. Start and End Dates, Promotional and Comparison Prices, Promo Type. You can specify up to 10 promos for a product by clicking Add.


Please learn the requirements of the Promotion setup here.

  • Add VAT Percentage - enable to add a specified VAT value to a product price when it is listed on Walmart.
    For example, if Magento Product Price = £10 and VAT rate = 15%, i.e. £10 * 15% = £1.50, the final item price on Walmart will be calculated as Magento Price + VAT, i.e. £10 + £1.50 = £11.50.


No VAT value will be sent to Walmart. Instead, Walmart Item price will be increased by specified VAT %.


If you are going to list products on the Marketplace which has different Base Currency compared to your Magento one, and the price values are set to be taken from Magento Attribute with Price input type, you can enable an automatic currency conversion. M2E Pro will automatically convert the relevant Magento Attribute value based on the Currency Rates in your Magento.

Step 4: Complete offer details

  • Lag Time - specify the number of days it takes to prepare an item for shipment.


Please be advised that Walmart requires shipping the orders by the end of the next business day which corresponds to 0 or 1 day lag time. Otherwise, the Lag Time Exception must be requested. The details can be found here.


Any changes to the Lag Time value may take up to 24 hours to be reflected on the Channel due to the Walmart limitations.

  • Product Tax Code - provide a relevant tax code if you sell the taxable items. Walmart uses PTC to automatically calculate the taxes on each sale based on the item sold and delivery location.

You may either select Magento Attribute where the relevant tax codes are stored or input the tax code value manually. When the Custom Value option is selected, you can choose the PTC from the current sales tax codes list by pressing Show Sales Tax Codes button.

Step 5: Provide shipping information


  • Weight - enter the weight of the product when it is packaged to ship. The Shipping Weight is set in pounds by default.
  • Must Ship Alone - specify whether a product must be shipped alone.


Please notice if Must Ship Alone option is enabled, a Walmart order will be created for each ordered item because Walmart will recognize each item as a different shipment. For example, if a buyer orders one product with a quantity of three, there will be three separate Walmart orders for each item.

So if you want the full item quantity to come through the system as a single Walmart order and be shipped together, set Must Ship Alone option to "No".

  • Ships in Original Packaging - specify whether a product can be shipped in original packaging without being put in an outer box.
  • Override Mode - enable to add the Shipping Overrides.

Please click Add Shipping Override Service to define the item-level exceptions  to the global shipping settings you configured in the Seller Center:


Please be advised that:

  • When you set an override for one shipping method for a product, the other shipping methods will still be taken from the global shipping settings. For example, if you have enabled the Standard and Expedited shipping in Seller Center, but you set an override for the Standard method for a product, the global settings for Expedited shipping will still apply to this product.
  • When you override to enable the Freight method for a product, it will replace all other shipping methods that you configure in the Seller Center for this particular product.

Detailed information on how to set up Shipping Overrides can be found here.

Step 6: Define an offer start/end date

We strongly recommend you keep the default Start/End Date values, i.e. Immediate and Endless. Your offer will become visible on Walmart as soon as it is in stock.

Providing specific dates for the Start/End Date options may only be reasonable if you plan to sell your product during a certain period, e.g. start selling on 20th November and stop selling on 30th November. 

In this case, on the Start Date, if your product is in stock, it becomes visible on Walmart. No additional actions are needed on M2E Pro side at that time. When the End Date comes, Walmart retires your item and hides it from the website. In M2E Pro Listing grid, the product becomes Inactive (Blocked). If you want to keep selling this product, adjust the End Date, and apply the Reset Inactive (Blocked) Item(s) action. M2E Pro will automatically submit new product data to Walmart.

Regardless of the Start/End Date values, M2E Pro lists your product based on the synchronization settings. Depending on the product stock, it will be marked as either Active or Inactive in M2E Pro Listing. If the Start Date is set to the one in the future, the Stage notice appears next to the Listing Product status.


In terms of Walmart, Start and End Dates define an Offer lifecycle on the website. Depending on these values, Walmart technically marks an item as Active, Retired, or Archived. You can read more about Walmart Item statuses here.

Step 7: Customize selling attributes (optional) 

Additional information may improve the performance of your offer. If you need to indicate a certain product parameter that is not presented among the default Selling Policy options, you can add a custom attribute. Please type an attribute name and value or click Insert to use a value of the selected Magento Attribute.