The 3rd Party Listings are the items that were listed on Amazon directly or using any other tool (not M2E Pro). All imported 3rd Party Listings are available in Amazon Integration > Listings > 3rd Party.

Important Note

If there are Variational Items (parent/child relationship) in your Amazon Inventory, only Child Products will be imported into 3rd Party Listing.


It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing 3rd party listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory.

Mapping an Item

There are several types of mapping:

  • Manual;
  • Automatic
Auto Mapping

This mapping is performed based on the mapping settings provided in the Amazon Account.

  • Select check-boxes of Amazon items to be automatically mapped
  • Select Map Item(s) Automatically from the drop-down menu
  • Click Submit

Manual Mapping

This mapping allows you to select the Magento Product you want to map the imported Item to.

  • Click on the Map link of the selected 3rd Party Item

  • Select the Magento product you want to map your Item to

  • Confirm your choice.

Moving Items

After Mapping has been completed successfully, the Items can be moved from the 3rd Party Listings to the previously created M2E Pro Listing. Moving allows you to move a 3rd Party Listing into an M2E Pro Listing either manually or automatically.

Automatic Moving

Once the imported Items are automatically mapped, they could be automatically moved into M2E Pro Default Listing if the according option is enabled in the Account settings.

Manual Moving

Manually you can move as single Amazon Listing as several Listings at once.

To move single Amazon Listing you should:

  • Click Move link for the selected Item

  • Select a Listing you would like to move the Items to or create a new one

  • Submit your choice.

To move several listings at once you should:

  • select the items you would like to move
  • in Actions bulk choose Move Item(s) to Listing option
  • Submit your choice.

  • Select the M2E Pro Listing you would like to move the Items or create a new one.