There are several modes available for working with Shipping Policy settings on Amazon:

  • Global settings with the ability to override the configurations for the particular Product(s) (Shipping Override Policy);
  • Ability to apply Amazon Shipping Templates that allow identifying settings for the particular Product(s).

Under Amazon Integration > Configuration > Policies > Shipping Policy, you can select the appropriate mode to configure the Shipping Policy settings.


The mode has to be selected according to the configurations of your Amazon Account in Seller Central. Otherwise, Amazon might return you errors.


Here you can specify the meaningful Title of your Policy template that you would like to use in M2E Pro.


In order to create the Shipping Template Policy, you need to configure the corresponding Template in your Seller Central first. The reason for that is the inability to manage this setting via Amazon API.

The next step is to enter the Amazon Shipping Template Name that you want to apply to your items. You can either type in the value manually or select an appropriate Magento Attribute. Once you are done, click Save.

Shipping Policy for your products can be configured in Selling Settings and applied to all items in the Listing. Nevertheless, if you specify the shipping settings for some products individually, they will override the Listing`s ones.


You can assign Shipping Policy to your Amazon items in the Settings View Mode within the M2E Pro Listing.