If you are an existing Amazon seller and want to manage your Channel inventory based on Magento data, you can use the Unmanaged Listings functionality. To import Unmanaged Items to M2E Pro, the Import Unmanaged Listings option must be enabled in your Account configurations.

All imported Unmanaged Items can be found under Amazon Integration > Listings > Unmanaged.

Important Note

If there are Variational Items (Parent/Child relationship) in your Amazon Inventory, only Child Products will be imported into Unmanaged Listings.

It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing Unmanaged Listings.

The Unmanaged Items from the different Amazon accounts/marketplaces will be stored in the separate Listings.

You can Reset items from your Unmanaged Listings. It will take up to 24 hours to import them anew.

While you are importing Unmanaged items to your M2E Pro, you will see a relevant message. The Reset Unmanaged Listings button will be inaccessible until the Unmanaged items are done importing.

By opening a Listing, you can review the related Items: their title, SKU, ASIN/ISBN, current quantity, price, and status on the Channel.

You can manage the Items in bulk using the Actions menu: link/unlink the Items, move them to M2E Pro Listing, or remove them from the Unmanaged Listing. To do it, select the Items, then apply the required action:

  • Link Item(s) Automatically - allows automatically linking selected Items to Magento Products based on the linking settings.
  • Unlink Item(s) - allows unlinking selected Items from Magento Products.
  • Move Item(s) to Listing - allows moving selected linked Items to M2E Pro Listing.
  • Remove Item(s) - allows removing selected Items from the Unmanaged Listing.

You can narrow your selection using the filter options:

Before M2E Pro starts managing your Unmanaged Items, you need to link them to the relevant Magento Products, then move them to M2E Pro Listing. Find the detailed instructions below.

Linking to Magento Product

For correct synchronization of item data between Amazon and Magento, you need to link the item to Magento Product. Make sure that the selected Magento Product fully corresponds to your Amazon Item.

How to link Items automatically

To link the Unmanaged Items to Magento products automatically, i.e. based on the linking settings, complete the following steps:

  • Select Amazon Items that you want to link.
  • Submit the Link Item(s) Automatically action.

How to link Items manually

You can link an individual Item to a relevant Magento Product manually. To do it, complete the following steps:

  • Click Link next to the Item:

  • In the opened window, click Link to this Product next to the relevant Magento Product:

If there are Variational Items (Parent/Child relationship) in your Amazon Inventory, only Child Products will be imported to M2E Pro. Each Child Product (option) will be imported separately with its own ASIN/ISBN.

There are two ways of managing Amazon Variational Products after they were imported as Unmanaged items:

  1. Link each Child Product to existing Simple Products in Magento, move them to the M2E Pro Listing, and continue managing each Child Product (option) separately under existing ASIN/ISBNs.
  2. Continue managing Products as Variational ones under existing ASIN/ISBN via M2E Pro. For that, you need to create an identical Variational Product in Magento as you have on Amazon (the same number of options, SKUs, titles, etc), add it to M2E Pro Listing, and list it under existing ASIN/ISBN (the same you have on Amazon) using this instruction.

After moving the Item to the M2E Pro Listing, you can change the Magento Product it is linked to. To relink your Item, go to Amazon Integration > Listings > M2E Pro and apply the Link to another Magento Product action in the Settings View Mode.

Link to another Magento Product action is available only for Items moved from the Unmanaged Listings.

Moving to M2E Pro Listing

After you link the Items, they can be moved to the M2E Pro Listing. You can apply the Move action to each Item individually or manage the Items in bulk.

If you need to move a single Item to M2E Pro Listing, complete the following steps:

1. Click Move next to the Item:

2. In the opened window, click Move To This Listing next to the required M2E Pro Listing or create a new one by clicking Add New Listing:

To move several Amazon Items at once, you need to:

1.Filter out the linked Items. 

2. Select all filtered Items;

3. Apply the Move Item(s) to Listing action.

4. In the opened window, click Move To This Listing next to the required M2E Pro Listing. You can create a new Listing on the fly by clicking Add New Listing.

M2E Pro will automatically schedule the synchronization of Unmanaged Item with Magento data right after the Item is placed into M2E Pro Listing.