In this article, you will learn how to configure your M2E Pro on the global level. You can manage your Channel Integrations, provide general price and quantity settings, define your interface and log history preferences, update an Extension Key, etc. Let's look at the available options.

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > M2E Pro to enable your Integrations or apply Advanced Settings.


Enable Channels you are going to sell your products on.

Advanced Settings

You have two separate options to stop only an Automatic Synchronization running or both Module and Automatic Synchronization running. Choose the one you need.

To migrate your M2E Pro data to Magento v2.x, click Proceed under Migration to Magento v2.x section. Automatic Synchronization will stop and the Module interface will become unavailable. It is required to prepare the M2E Pro database for the migration.

Navigate Channel Integration > Configuration > Settings to complete other global settings. See the details below.


  • Products Thumbnail – select whether to show or hide the product thumbnails.
  • Help Information – select whether to show or hide Help information.
  • Restore All Helps & Remembered Choices – click to restore the default settings: the hidden Help Information will be shown in the interface again and all Remember my choice settings will be discarded.

Magento Inventory

In case you need to provide global settings for Inventory and Product Price management, this tab would be helpful.


Specify the general Quantity settings:


Find details on Manage Stock "No", Backorders feature in this article.

It's important to enable and properly configure Relist Rules when using Backorders feature. Item will be successfully relisted only if you provide the following setup:

  • Product Status > Enabled
  • Stock Availability > In Stock
  • Magento Quantity > Any
  • Calculated Quantity > Any


Magento order creation depends on your Account settings.


Product Stock Availability must be set to In Stock status when backorders are enabled. Otherwise, a Magento order cannot be created.


Specify general Price settings:

  • Convert Magento Price Attribute — automatic conversion of Magento Price Attribute values.


Read more about Convert Magento Price Attribute feature in our article.

Logs clearing

M2E Pro automatically records the events that occurred in your Module instance. Under the Logs Clearing tab, you can set up an automatic log clearing. All log records beyond the specified period will be automatically deleted.

  • Enabled – activates clearing.
  • Keep For (days) – saves records for the definite number of days.

Set your preferences, press the Save button and auto clearing will be performed.

Press Clear All button if you want to clear all existing records.


M2E Pro Extension requires activation for its work. License Key activates and identifies your M2E Pro Extension. You can find the License Key-related information for your current M2E Pro in Walmart Integration > Configuration > Settings > License section.

The License Key is strictly connected to the particular Domain and IP. Their validation prevents problems, such as the creation of Item duplicates in the case of Magento relocation. For example, duplicated Items can be created after you change the server, and synchronization continues working on both old and new server. Thus, the same License Key cannot be used for different domains, sub-domains, and IPs.


Please click Save Config after any changes are made.