Help Guides and Resources

Within Help Center, you can find the references to the main M2E Pro Help Guides and Resources. Each resource contains useful recommendations on how to manage your data within M2E Pro Extension. Please take time to check them for more effective work with M2E Pro:

  • Documentation – structured articles which contain detailed instructions about M2E Pro Extension usage;

  • Knowledge Base - the base of articles which describe the solutions for the frequently asked questions;

  • Ideas Workshop - the base of ideas where you can find the suggestions from other Users or add your ideas about new functionality which could be helpful in M2E Pro;

  • Community Forum - the community of M2E Pro Users where it is possible to discuss and find the solution together.

If you still face any difficulties, you can consult with our Support Team providing your request within the Contact Us form.

Health Status

A Health Status Tool has been developed for a permanent diagnostic of the system work. It is run automatically at preset intervals and monitors the certain processes within your M2E Pro. For example, it checks whether the GMT time on your Server corresponds to the GMT time set in your M2E Pro or is an Order Synchronization run properly, etc. As a result, the Health Status Tool identifies possible system failures and alerts you about them. So, you are able to prevent/obviate the issues timely and efficiently.

In order to keep track of all the important processes in your M2E Pro, configure the Notification Settings.

First, choose the way on how M2E Pro should notify you about Module Health Status:

  • Do Not Notify - no notification required;
  • On each Extension Page (default) - notification block will be shown on each page of M2E Pro Module;
  • On each Magento Page - notification block will be shown on each page of Magento;
  • As Magento System Notification - adds a notification using Magento global message system;
  • Send me an eMail - notifications will be sent you to a provided email.

Then specify a minimal level of notifications you want to receive:

  • Critical/Error (default) - notification will arise only for critical issue and error;
  • Warning - notification will arise once the error or warning occurs;
  • Notice - notification will arise in case the error, warning or notice occur.

Thus, the Health Status Tool will be helpful for all users to keep track of the important events within their M2E Pro.

Developers Area

This section displays the technical information about your M2E Pro Installation. It will be helpful for the developers once there is a need to check the Cron Job details, current Server configurations, recent Synchronization Logs, etc.

Click on the Developers/Administrators Area link to review the main parameters of a system work:

  • About Module/Magento - contains information about your current M2E Pro version and Magento version.

  • System Requirements - shows the configuration values of your server. Click Check to examine current values.

  • Cron Job Details/Status - displays the Cron Job type which is currently used in your system along with the date of its last run.

  • Synchronization Log - contains information about the processes performed during synchronization or system errors.


Synchronization logs are only recorded when an error or warning is generated.

  • Direct Database Changes - shows the recommendation for the use of Track Direct Database Changes option which is helpful for the case when Magento Inventory is updated via direct SQL injections.
  • Performance Notes - contains the recommendations on how you can optimize your M2E Pro installation.